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You should know these tips before starting trading! Let’s see how you can take advantage of them to make money!

You should use demo accounts

The first tip that we will give you is about demo accounts.  It is very essential that before you want to use real money you practice a strategy. You also need to get used to using the market by practicing with your demo account.

Yeah, practice as much as you can! Take the experience first of all. Most demo accounts are free, so there are no excuses!

You should not trade a lot of trades

The second point that can be taken as a mistake is wanting to carry out a large number of operations. This, thinking that the more we operate, the more money we are going to earn.

First, you should apply a lot to study trends, patterns, and indicators operating with very small amounts of money. Think that this is a game of probabilities. The more operations we make, the more likely we are to lose money, especially at the beginning. Therefore, your approach should be to reduce the maximum number of operations and increase the quality of each one of them.

You should not listen to what the broker says

You mustn’t listen to the broker who tells us precisely the opposite. Think that every time you open or close a position, you pay the broker a commission. That is a business. If you do not operate the broker does not earn money! And, for this reason, it is constantly bombarding you with free courses.

Do not start trading in the Forex market!

Another thing that people usually do when they start trading is to start operating in the Forex market. If you want to buy Coca-Cola shares, for example, then you go to the stock market. And if you want to buy euros or dollars, then you go to the Forex market, that simple.

What is the problem of the Forex market? Since it is a more liquid and volatile market, it is also the most dangerous. Especially if you are a beginner, then do not start trading in the Forex market!

So, starting in the market of shares, it is a much calmer market. It will give you more room to think and make decisions. One piece of advice is to find a quiet place where we can be alone and that allows us to make good investment decisions.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to start.

One of the beliefs of many people is that to start trading we must have a lot of money. No, it is the opposite! If we have a lot of money, we have to use very little.

At first, we make mistakes, and in this business making mistakes means losing money! For that reason, our objective at the beginning is not going to be to earn money but to learn and gain experience. And the only way for this to happen is that when we make a mistake it is not so big that it leaves us out.

You shouldn’t stress over any news

One of the mistakes is that you keep an eye on the news thinking about things every time a story appears in the newspaper. By this, we mean that normal news is not going to affect the markets. The news that can affect this type of market is the news worldwide or by order of a certain president.


To finish this article, we want you to take into account each of these tips. And, some other mistakes that are made by people who already have experience in this type of market. We hope this information is very helpful and thus continue educating yourself in the best way!