If you want to make your first withdrawals in Pocket Option, this article is for you! We’ll talk about some withdrawals made by Cristian AP of $25,000. He could withdraw up to 79,000. The money has already been deducted from Cristian’s account. He had to wait first if he wanted to make another withdrawals. Let’s see how this work.

Don’t take the bonus of your withdrawals!

Now do not take a bonus unless you want to comply with what you are asked to answer. So, Cristian decided to go into this specific part. This, to show you that when you want to deposit with your specific broker, they will offer you a bonus.

For example, this is your real account balance from $100. And you get 50%. This means that if you deposit the $100, they will give you $50 and so on. Cristian advises you to read the terms and conditions carefully when it comes to bonuses.

He has seen many people who don’t know that there are certain requirements to obtain that specific bonus. This, when they made their withdrawals. The main recommendation that Cristian gives is that you do not take that bonus. Or, if you want to meet the requirements and are willing, go ahead.

Typically, the requirements are that you will need to trade a certain number of trades before you can do your withdrawals. For example, you are asked for 1000 positions.

Withdrawals of more than 50% are not good!

Cristian recommends you to not withdraw more than 50% of your balance. Cristian tells us that he had $79,000. So, he wanted to withdraw $40,000 or a little more. And what the broker does is call and ask why you want to withdraw the money. They say that why don’t you let the money there. Because you will continue earning more! What they are going to do is convince you so that you do not withdraw it. 

Don’t make more than 3 withdrawals at a time!

A third tip that we want to share with you! Don’t withdraw more than 3 times a month. Usually, when you do this the brokers tend to get a type of nervous so to speak. This is because you are withdrawing too much.

You should know that when you make money, the broker loses money. And when the broker makes money, you lose money. Withdrawals have to be completed in around 10 to 30 minutes. It is fast, as you can see. Cristian currently uses the bitcoin method. But there are others that you could use like bank transfers, credit card payments, NeTeller, Skrill. There are many methods of payment depending on where you are.


But why does Cristian use Bitcoin? It is the only decentralized currency that can be handled in a much easier way. This, for every company in the world. So, if you want much faster withdrawals, use it. Bitcoin is your best option. We hope that the information here can be helpful for you!