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If you are using Pocket Option, this information is for you! Pocket Option is a binary options broker that works basically all over the world.

This allows you to register and start trading binary options within the market.

Demo account in Pocket Options!

It is a broker that has been running for about 8 years. It has a free demo account so you can practice and then you can deposit real money. Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW has been using it and it has helped him with his transactions.



Withdrawals with Pocket Option?

Many people have had doubts and have asked Cristian AP if this specific broker can be trusted when making withdrawals.

So, Cristian told us about his last 3 withdrawals. The three were for 25,000 dollars, one was made on July 21. Then he made 2 withdrawals on August 1. These withdrawals took him approximately 2 hours, although one of these was even longer around 3 hours. Despite this it was too simple to get these withdrawals.

The advantage of Cristian is that he uses Bitcoin as a withdrawal method. You will always have to complete your documentatio and a proof of identification. Don’t do anything suspicious with intermediaries such as algorithms or bots that are not authorized.

Testing the withdrawals!

Cristian tells us about a withdrawal that he wanted to make in a live video. The minimum amount that this broker allows is 90 dollars, but he was actually going to withdraw 40,000 dollars.

So, he obtained his bitcoin address to be able to deposit. You will receive a message that says that you agree to invest this amount of money under your risk.

Cristian was queued and will receive the funds in a few business days. Then Cristian tells us that we can trust Pocket Option to be able to make any type of withdrawal without any problem. So, as you can see, there is not any issue.



Pocket Option Savings Accounts

You can even click on the “learn more” button and you will be taken to a place where Pocket Option offers a method of having a place where you can put your earnings that is kind of like a savings account and you can receive passive income up to 10%.

You can also receive profit from financial assets, but not using trading, but it is a real source of liabilities with Pocket Option. So, deposits and withdrawals are available at any time without any restrictions or commissions. Always check out the terms and conditions of this!

What can we conclude?

Pocket Option is a very reliable broker and if deposits and withdrawals work perfectly you should not have any mistrust, this is 100% real and works well. We hope that the information in this article has been helpful for you.