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We’ll see how to withdraw $100,000 from Quotex to Bitcoin. At the beginning of the month, Cristian said that he was going to reach 150,000 in profits. And, that then he was going to withdraw the money from it. And bitcoin just jumped from 16,000 to 21,000 or so.

When it comes to bitcoin, it is not the only time that Cristian will be able to make profits in his accounts. So he now decided to make a couple of withdrawals of at least 40,000!

How to carry out the withdrawal process?

So that you can understand this, we’ll give you a tutorial! We are going to do it with Cristian’s binance account. He doesn’t use it much, since he actually uses a ledger to keep the bitcoin, which you should do too!

So, the first thing to do is get our bitcoin wallet address. Then go to fiat and spot to deposit and withdraw in bitcoin. Then you should click on deposit because you are not going to withdraw! And that is how you are going to get the bitcoin. The bitcoin address is where the withdrawal money will be sent!

Cristian withdrew $100,000!

So Cristian had about 122,000 in his broker. The first thing he is going to do is click on the lines and he made 2 withdrawals. In the video below you’ll see all the processes! So he clicked on confirm. In the case of Cristian, he is going to make withdrawals of approximately 50,000. So these are two-step verifications. They send you a pin to your email so that with it you can request the withdrawal. Then you will get a message that your request was sent successfully.

For you to make another withdrawal you will have to wait for the previous withdrawal to be completed. Generally, these withdrawals are completed in 20 to 48 hours, but no longer than that. So it was in this way that Cristian managed to transfer the bitcoin money to his Binance account. Then he waited for his withdrawal to be completed to be able to do the other one, it’s that easy!

How much should you withdraw?

So that you can avoid any kind of problem, Cristian advises that you never withdraw more than 50,000 at a time. This means, for example, he had 120,000 in his account and if he had withdrawn 100,000, it’s not that they won’t pay you, but they’re going to ask you a lot of questions. This is about why you want to withdraw that money. And it’s really understandable.

For this reason, Cristian prefers to make more withdrawals with no more than 50,000 and thus avoid any type of inconvenience. Surely you will receive a call or an email or something like that and the withdrawal will be processed.


Finally, Cristian withdrew his remaining $22,000 and did it in different withdrawals. Fortunately, he did not have any kind of problem, thus speeding up the process even more. We hope this information is very helpful for you and that you now know how to withdraw from bitcoin to binance!