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A trading indicator is the best option if you’re starting in trading! Even if you are an expert, these tools can analyze the market for you so you can generate profits!

That’s why in BLW we have developed the best profitable indicators! It is worth mentioning that they are the best that you can find in the market. Let’s see.

What is an indicator?

First you must know what an indicator is. They are patterns that you can identify on charts. They give you an idea of how the price of an asset is performing.

You can use these indicators to operate in Forex and Binary Options.  These technical indicators are a type of signals that can help you decide when to enter or exit a position, and if at that moment you can buy or sell.

– Trading indicators use price and purchase and sale volume data to show price patterns or trends.

– Indicators can be progress or late. You can use them for technical analysis.

– Indicators can also be classified as trend, momentum, volatility or volume indicators.

Now you know what an indicator is, we want to show you our indicators. The creator of these indicators is Cristian AP. Who is he? He’s the CEO of BLW and his main objective is helping you make money!

BLW Binary Master App

It is an application that can help you in the execution of Binary Options signals. This will have the ability to show you 3 minute charts so you can trade. Once a good opportunity is available, you’ll get a notification.

It is a downloadable application for MT4. On the website you can find training videos that will help you to use it. And the installation process is the easiest!

This product also includes access to LIVE SIGNALS where you can trade with experts. Cristian is one of them! Both the application and the live signals have an accuracy of 70 to 80%. Remember, this will always depend on the market conditions at that time.

What’s the price of that indicator?

-67 dollars for a month. For an extra 17 dollars you can receive the “MENTORSHIPS”. These are personalized classes given by Marcel, an expert trader.

-The second plan is for 6 months at a cost of $367. If you get this plan your “MENTORSHIPS” will be free for 1 month.

-Finally, the third plan will cost $667 and is for a whole year. If you get this plan your “MENTORSHIPS” will be free for 1 month.

With any of these plans you will get hundreds of accurate signals with which you will earn tons of money!  Here’s the link to join: https://www.blwbinarymasterapp.com/

 Those are the normal prices, but we have a suprise for you! If you join this month, JANUARY, you can get the app for these prices:

BLW Turbo Strategy App

It is one of the most powerful software that you can find online. This indicator can help you maximize your profits with turbo operations. This is with 5- and 15-minute minute Binary signals.

It needs to be installed on MT4 too and the process is easy! Plus, it includes classes provided for new users of this software. The classes were made by Cristian. So, you’lll learn from an expert!  These classes are simple, but you really need to take them if you want to make money.

This indicator can be yours for a one-time payment of just $207. Here’s the link  to join: https://blwturbostrategy.com/


The BLW FX tool is a Forex indicator that analyzes the markets and has the ability to find trading opportunities. With this indicator you’ll get the most profitable entry opportunities.

This indicator was created for beginners and experienced traders. You need to install it on MT4, as the other indicators. BLW FX tool was made with the purpose of reducing risk and thus increasing profits.!

What’s the price of this indicator?

Like the previous product, BLW FX requires a one-time payment. It has a value of $367. You can join using this link: https://blwfxtool.com


Trading indicators are fundamental to technical analysis and are useful for all styles of trading. In fact, some indicators are used together.

So, it’s important that you use BLW indicators so that your strategy can be the best. We hope that the information we provided you can help you!