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Are you looking for the best Forex broker? We’ll talk about one of them in this article! Basically, IC Markets is a broker that Cristian AP has been using for 2-3 years and it has worked amazing for him!

Is IC Markets one of the best forex brokers?

It is one of the best brokers and it has given him all the tools he needed to become a Forex trader. This one not only offers currency exchange, like global pairs. But also offers cryptocurrencies, some stocks and indices, which make it great!

It is a fully regulated broker located in Australia. It has its registration number and license registered by the Cyprus company. This is super important because it shows us how trustworthy the broker is. One detail to mention is that it is available almost to everyone, but it is not available in the US.

Another great advantage of this broker is that it offers a free demo account to practice. It is not much difference with other platforms like MT4 and MT5.

Advantages of one of the best Forex brokers!

There is something that we really like a lot about IC MARKETS! It’s something that gives it an edge over other brokers. That’s the raw plan feature. It is basically a way that you can have 0.1 spreads and pips when it comes to placing trades.

For example, Cristian tells us that on one occasion he traded in EUR/GBP and that he placed the operation for 2 or 3 or even 4 days. But he saw a candle and saw his margin was too high. So, he came to the broker and stopped the loss of 19 pips to just 15 pips.

So, his spread was 4 or 5 pips which was a successful stop loss! This nice feature allows your trade to be more accurate! Now, one difference is that they charge commission for the trade. So, if you are good you can afford to pay the commission as you will get your money back no problem.

What does IC Markets offer?

These are the 2 main reasons why Cristian uses IC Markets. It is the easiest platform for beginners! This is because it is compatible with MT4 AND MT5. So, once you learn how to use them, it becomes super easy to trade. Something that you should keep in mind is that you can see this platform from your cell phone, which is also great!

Withdrawals and deposits

Recently, Cristian had a problem with a withdrawal that he was trying to make. It is very important to know the withdrawal and deposit methods that this broker offers.

The methods that are available with zero commissions are via MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, PayPal. Cristian tells us that the best way would be with a bank transfer. Although it takes four business days, you will have your money in your account without any problem. Unfortunately, they do not offer Bitcoin withdrawals.


Cristian shares his final thought with us regarding this specific broker! He tells us that he has been using this broker for a while now and he has very few bad things to say about it.

So, if you are a beginner and you do not have a broker to start in Forex this is your best option! Pus, it has a demo account so you can start to get familiar with it and when you are ready start placing real money! So, remember to share this article with your friends so they can use this great tool too!