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What must you study to become a professional trader? In this article you will find all the information about it!  Many people think that you have to go to university, or you need to be good at math. We could say that there is no professional in the world today who learned trading at school!

So, what must you study?

In Latin America there are still some thoughts saying that technical analysis does not work.  It has to be fundamental analysis. So, with that order of ideas, it is very important to understand that one does not need to be good at mathematics, finance or economics. So you don’t need to know anything about the financial markets to be able to trade, it is what happens in the fundamental world.

That is, what a country or a company or whatever does, that is what appears in the graphs. What is really important in trading are emotions and psychology. Everyone will be able to realize that now in these times there are many very good people who teach and share financial information.

Bearded stock market trader looking at the camera with hands crossed.

You must study hard!

So, all you need is to identify patterns in the graph. Learn the subject of discipline, learn psychology. One of the most difficult parts in this journey, from the process of being a professional trader, is to know yourself.

Why? Since most of the people who are in the United States have different thoughts to learn trading and that is different in Latin America. In order to learn trading, what you really have to study is how to overcome those thoughts, since sometimes in our culture we are taught that money is bad.

In some countries rich people have to be corrupt or political or people who sell drugs are the ones that have money. So what you have to study is how to overcome that, because if we have that thought that money is not good, we are not going to attract money, we are always going to struggle.


So if you are involved in this business, and you want to learn, I want you to keep in mind that the technique that is used is not important. There are very good traders in the market, now in the academies there are very good people who teach. So, the technique is not important because there are a million ways to do things.

The best thing to do is to enter with futures or stocks, but if you want to do stocks, for example, there are many academies in which you don’t have to pay anything. The important thing will be that you work on psychology because it doesn’t matter how good the strategy they give you is.

It doesn’t matter if you win 100% of the time, if you don’t do things right you’re going to lose. If you don’t do things right you’ll never advance in your progress as a professional. This is a part that most people don’t understand, that you actually have to get over your own psychology and thoughts, not just about money.

Thoughts affect a lot!

The thought that you currently have affects the way in which you behave and it is what we have mentioned. If you are afraid of money or you think that it is very difficult to have it that ego or that inferiority personality will not help you to become a trader until you overcome that.

So, the technical part of reading a chart, placing an order, making a profit, knowing when to leverage, is what you must learn. What you currently have to study is psychology because you have to learn what your problem is. All of us have problems, if yours is that you are afraid of money or you think that it is very difficult to make money because you have always been told that you are very bad or you do not think that you are intelligent, you must overcome that.

You understand? Those are the tangible parts that they do not teach you in this trading business and that is a fundamental part to become a trader. That is the reason why people take so much time to learn. Because they have to overcome their own ego, their own psychology. People think that just taking trading courses is going to work it all out, or they think, buying a robot, but they don’t want to work on their psychology.

The market changes and the fixed rules that they have for these robots do not keep changing with the market and that is the reason for most of the traders that operate outside that.


So if you are going to enter this wonderful world, remember that the key is psychology! You are not going to learn to trade by buying courses from 20,000 people trying different techniques. As we mentioned at the beginning, there are very good people, but be careful with people who guarantee an impossible results, be very careful with scams. We hope that the information in this article will be of great help for your personal training.