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In this article, you will be able to find all the benefits that CEX – IO offers you and all the tools that you will have at your disposal so you can use the platform in an easier way.

What is CEX – IO?

It is a platform that is dedicated to the exchange of cryptocurrencies, they will offer you the most popular currencies on the market which are:

  • Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum.
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold.

This wonderful platform will allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies if you are a beginner trader since CEX – IO is a very simple and easy to use platform. The history of this fabulous platform is too long, and it becomes one of the oldest exchanges in the history of the trading world. CEX – IO was launched in 2013 in London, UK, and was one of the many platforms that managed to give customers access to fiat – crypto transactions by offering card payments or bank transfers. As of 2013, it has grown to over 4 million users registered and using their platform.

Application CEX – IO

Another advantage that you will find when you log in with this wonderful platform is that you will be able to operate on your smartphone and it is available for all Android and IOS devices, so you can operate without using a computer and anywhere in the world. While using the mobile application you will have the same benefits that you would acquire when using a computer, you will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a fast, reliable, and secure way.

This wonderful application will provide you with advanced algorithms and a variety of analytical tools, if you are an expert trader and require more instruments to be able to carry out your trade in a more complete way to generate profits in your real account. But if you are a beginner trader, you will have access to a simple interface so that you can buy and sell without any problem while learning to trade. You will also have the possibility to obtain passive earnings in a simple way.



Alerts in CEX – IO

The notifications that it will present to you will be of orders and price alerts, this will help you know when the market reaches a specific price, and you can acquire the best decisions of an intelligent and fast investment. In addition, in CEX – IO you will find new functions and you will be able to enjoy all the updates that this wonderful platform can offer you.

Security in CEX – IO

The level of security that CEX – IO manages is high, this is due to the extensive verification that this incredible platform has, you will notice that your account is protected and free of any type of fraud when you start operating. When making your purchases, you will be protected by a level two DDS certificate, this will mean that your card and your payment details will be safe on this fabulous platform.

Account verification at CEX – IO

CEX – IO will offer you different methods, one of them can be 2-step verification and verified through Google. Another option may be a selection of security questions, this will help CEX – IO to verify that you are not a scammer or a false profile and with this process it will be more difficult for some type of hacker to enter and steal all your personal data, or from your card, up to your capital obtained while trading.

Advantages of using CEX – IO

Now, I will show you all the advantages that you will obtain when acquiring CEX – IO and how to take advantage of 100% of each of them.

  • The exchange offered by CEX – IO is established by a high level of security, and you will not suffer from any identity theft while using this wonderful application.
  • CEX – IO caters to all levels of traders entering its platform, providing the tools a beginner to expert trader may need. This is due to the type of interface that it handles, which makes it simple and easy to handle according to your needs.
  • This wonderful platform will give you access to many fiat currencies, including SEPA, ACH and card payments payment options. In addition, it will include a loan and bet manager.
  • The application for smartphones is another of the many advantages that CEX – IO offers you because you will be able to enter and operate without using a computer since it will provide you with the same tools that the computer version offers you.

Customer Support

The customer service that this incredible platform will offer you is directed by expert agents in the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies, they will be able to help you with any problem that this application generates, or questions related to CEX – IO. Now, I will show you the various ways that you can communicate with this wonderful customer service.

  • Email.
  • Live chat.
  • Telephone number, being:

-United Kingdom: +44 20 3966 1272

-US Toll – free: +1 845 834 8017




My experience using this wonderful platform has been effective and safe. I have been able to increase my capital due to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, also thanks to the high security that CEX – IO manages, I have never been a victim of any theft of my money or identity. So, I recommend that you use 100% CEX – IO, you will not regret it and you can verify that everything said in this article is real.