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In this article, you will be able to find all kinds of information about the news that the market offers and learn to interpret them according to the pair that you want to use.

What are market news?

With the news of the financial market, you will be able to find the profitability that each pair will have, so that you can take care of the bad behaviors that the market will offer you so as not to obtain an unwanted loss during your daily trading. In this way, you will be able to grow your knowledge about the world of trading and be able to understand how the market trend works, because if the market is stable, it will mean that the market does not have much news and it is safe to trade. But you will notice that the market behaves unstable when the news is high and some of these news can have a negative impact even with the pairs that do not have any type of news.

Where can you see the news?

There are several pages where you can find this type of news, but in my experience as an experienced trader I can recommend one of the most complete websites to be able to carry out your news analysis with greater precision. On this incredible news page, the only thing you will have to set is your local time in which you are doing your daily trading so that you can get all the news that is coming according to the time where you are living. Now, I will show you the link where you can find this wonderful page: https://es.investing.com/economic-calendar/

Remember that this type of news is updated daily, that is, the news you found the day before will not be the same as today and this is due to the constant change in the market that is generated naturally. For this reason, it is very important that you check the financial market news every day so that you can reduce the number of losses in your real account.

What does the financial market news represent?

All the news that you find a specific pair will have meaning the volatility of the market at that precise moment. The pairs will be affected in such a way that the candlesticks that they will handle at the moment the news begins, can even affect hours before the news begins, causing the candlesticks to rise and fall drastically and without respecting the trend. Another way that the news can affect the pair may be that the candlesticks were moving too slowly at the time you want to trade.

What is the 3 Bull News?

Years ago, the news was represented by different symbols such as: Bulls or Balls, which, if you talk to another type of trader who has been in the world of trading for long, you will notice that they refer to the news in that way. Currently, the level of volatility in the market is represented by stars.

Now, I will show you how to interpret in a deeper way how each type of news that the financial market presents works.

  • A Bull: If the pair only has one piece of news, it will mean that you can operate calmly because the pair has low levels of volatility, and you will not have to witness a drastic change in the candles that could generate a loss in your account.
  • 2 Bull: If the pair has 2 news, it means that the market is a bit unstable, and you must analyze more accurately to avoid a loss. In these types of cases, I recommend that you use a demo account so that you learn to analyze the market with this type of news, since it does affect the pair but not completely.
  • 3 Bull: If the pair has 3 news, it means that it is too unstable, and you should stay away from that same pair until the news ends so you can trade with confidence. With this type of news, there is a chance that if you own the news with a strong pair, it could affect the pairs even if they don’t own the affected currency, so you should move away from that currency completely as soon as possible.

When should you trade?

In my experience as an expert trader, I recommend that you trade in the pairs that do not have any news because that way you will be able to find a more stable market and the chances of generating a loss will be lower. If you want to experience what it is like to trade a Bull 3 pair, I recommend you use a demo account because it is too dangerous if you trade with your real account.


My experience dealing with the financial market news on a daily basis, I recommend that you respect them because based on this news you will be able to better understand how the financial market works and do not forget that this news can be used for any market you want to operate. Now, I will show you a video where you can find out in more depth how the news works: