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If you have decided to start making money in Binary Options, keep reading this article! We’ll show you the top BLW Binary Options applications so you can choose the one that works best for you!

BLW has developed several Binary Options applications to help you make money, all of them have different features, and that’s what we will see today!


This application is at the top of the BLW binary applications, since it was launched it became very popular among traders due to its amazing results!

How it works?

It has more than 80% accuracy, which is why it is a very effective application. The BLW Binary Master App works with the stochastic oscillator and Keltner channel and it will send you 3 minute signals, those are very short trades, so you must focus! Plus, it has an AMAZING new feature, you’ll get live signals sent by experts, Marcel, an expert trader, and guess who else? Cristian AP, one of the best traders in the world!

BINARY MASTER APP has 3 different prices, 1 month for $107, 6 months for $597 and the one-year plan for $997. Here’s the link so you can look at it: https://www.blwbinarymasterapp.com/


Another powerful software! It will help you maximize your profits with turbo operations. It has 2 indicators, one of 5 and one of 15 minutes, as you can see, those are trades with longer times, so you will have more time to enter your trade and then make money!

 It has masterclasses included so you can know how to use it!

The price is great, onetime payment for just $207. Here’s the link so you can start using it https://blwturbostrategy.com/


The 2-minute strategy app was one of the first binary options applications created by BLW.

You will get short time signals, for 2 minutes, so, again, you must focus a lot so you can make money! Once you get the alert, you will need to instantly enter and then you’ll see the results! This is a perfect option if you are starting in trading and you do not have a lot of money to invest, since it has a very accessible price!

Just $47 onetime payment, it is a nice investment, and you’ll duplicate it in a few weeks, we are sure about it! This is the link so you can check it https://2minutestrategyapp.com

But what is the difference between them?

Maybe you are wondering which app is better for you and you would like to know the difference between them, let’s see!

Basically, the difference is in the expiry times. BLW Binary Master App and 2 Minute Strategy App work with short times, the first one with 3 minutes and the second one with 2 minutes!

On the other hand, the BLW Turbo Strategy App works with 5 and 15 times, so you can decide if you use a short of a long expiry time!

That’s the main difference between them, plus, all of them have unique and different features. If you want to get live signals and exclusive webinars, the BLW Binary Master App is for you! The 2 Minute Strategy App and BLW Turbo Strategy App have excellent masterclasses that can help you too! We advise you to check every website so you can take a final decision!

But you must know this, no matter which app you choose, success is granted!

Get support from the BLW experts!

As we just told you, no matter which BLW app you choose, success is granted! In case you run into any issue when using any of the BLW apps, you’ll be able to contact a team of experts willing to help you!

You’ll see a livechat section so you can ask them questions and solve any issue, and you can also contact them via email: support@blwonlinetrading.com

Get as much education as you can!

As we always advise you, you always need to educate yourself as much as you can so you can have good results! It does not matter how good our applications are, if you do not educate yourself, you’ll never see results!

So, once you purchase a BLW product the first thing you must do is watch all the videos that it has so you can learn how to use it! You can also get more education in our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/BinaryLivingWay/videos after that you’ll be ready!

Now you know that each one of these applications were created with different purposes, but all of them with the same objective, to help you make money! So, hurry up and try the one you prefer!