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Let’s see the weekly results we have had with the waka waka robot! WAKA is a real expert advisor for Forex traders. We will leave you the link at the end of the article so you can take a look at it. Basically, what you must do is enter the menu and click which will take you to a specific page. You will be able to see the record of this expert advisor who has had 57 months of consecutive profits! This is extraordinary!

Plus, it has a total of 6000% balance increase. Since right now for this month it has 1.31%. It will depend on which account you are using. Last year Cristian obtained increases of 3.03%, 4.46%, 1.12%, the best month was May with 6.44% if you can tell, every month was profitable.

Results that Cristian obtained

We don’t want you to actually trust any account. Cristian created his own FX book, in fact he deposited some money in IC MARKETS account and so far he has a 1.25% increase in balance and you can see how the robots started trading on January 19.  And this data is being seen on the 27th, they are talking about almost 8 days. The first day it was 0.15, the second 0.38, the third 0.59, then 1.05 and right now 1.25% increase. Now at this moment Cristian has a balance of 2,149 dollars and decided to create a new account just to follow the robot itself and thus not have misinformation with previous features that had happened in the past. 1.25% of passive income, it is really good.

Benefits of this robot!

One of the things that Cristian likes when he actually opens an account or buys this AutoTrader is that he actually gets access to this specific dashboard. And, the way it works is that depending on what is the robot that you have. For example, if you want to get one of these you can see a complete tutorial on how to use it, pairs, setting stops, everything you need to know, you have a complete tutorial.

You can manually add your license, for example, you bought MT4 and then you actually have your account number and what you need to do is activate the robot. You don’t have to go through customer service, you don’t have to go through anything. What, if you need to change time frames sometimes, this is an extra tip that we want to give you.

Does this robot work to get good results?

Here you have all this as proof that the robot really works. Now the dark side of this auto trader that Cristian has been using is nothing serious, but the maximum breakdown, since for financed accounts. At the moment Cristian was in -24, but then you recover or put some opposite features and you end up recovering all the money. For example, when you have a reduction, it is called a DRAWDOWN it is not a big thing nor are you going to lose all the money you have earned in a trade. What we suggest you do is play with the lowest risk so that the maximum drawdown does not go back to 5% and you lose your funded account. We suggest you be careful and talk to the financed company because otherwise they may block you.

Earnings potential

Now we want to talk about the earning potential you can have. Can you make $1,000 a month with this robot? The truth is that, yes you can, but it all depends on your balance. So, right now Cristian decided to put a balance of 2,000 dollars. The profit that can be achieved is 2 to 5% or maybe less than 2 or 3%, which will be around 20 to 40 dollars. You will be able to continue growing your account like this, remember that it is a passive income system, so everything depends on your balance. It is not about being rich quick either. You will be able to withdraw that passive income, for example $1000 a month, you will need to calculate that percentage to have these potential earnings you have to target 5 or 6%.

How can you get it?

It has a lifetime price which is $1665 if you go to mql5 you will see it. If you go through Cristian’s link you will get it at that price. If you buy any of those robots, you will get much more value. We recommend that you first use the trial period, 14 days to try it and you will see how it works for you!


As you could have realized with all the information that we share with you about WAKA WAKA it is more than clear that it is an extremely profitable advisor. Visit the official page and give it a try, we are sure you will not regret it!