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It is time to make a review! As you know, we like to try different trading applications so then we can give you our opinion and see if it is worthy or not! So, we will talk about the new Valery Trading Forex robot!

What is the Valery Trading Forex Robot?

This is based on a set of different expert advisors such as Night Hunter Pro, Evening Scalper Pro, Waka Waka, and News Catcher Pro! So, the creator of this software created a list of different indicators so the application could work and help you make money!

People are loving the Valery Trading Forex software!

As we could see, people are loving the results of this software, in the website you will see that there are more than 150 reviews of it with a ratio of 4.6 out of 5 points! It means it is nice software and that it works!

The website is making stable profits even in the worst markets and keeping risk low, they managed to always achieve optimization of trading algorithms and that is what we are going to share with you. Of course, we recommend that you visit the website where it explains a lot of things and how the robot works:

The Valery Trading software has powerful robots!

Let’s talk about the different robots, these are expert advisors they are algorithms or applications that you install in your Meta trader 4, and this algorithm will place features in its name, as simple as that!

How should you use it?

So, all you must do is install the robot on your Meta trader 4, activate it, and configure it, then you just need to wait for the algorithm to start placing trades and that’s it! We can see that the growth has been almost 6000%.

What is FXBOOK?

Now let’s talk about My FX Book, of this specific creator, do you know what is it?

It is a book that has the tracking history of the robot, for example, the Waka Waka robot in which we can appreciate that it has many configurations for everyone, this great robot as it we mentioned before had a growth of 6,000%!

Then this year it had 8.55% in January, 4.9% in February, 6.6% in March and 8.21% in April, if you realize most of them are very profitable!

The purpose of this robot is to increase your profits and help you make money! There is not any month in red, and you can verify this on your own!  

What do you need to know?

Something important that you need to know about forex brokers with auto traders is that they will not give you 2,000% increase per month at any time! Remember that it also depends on how much money you are going to invest. Let’s look at the data of another new robot, the catcher scalper which has a big draw minus 40 on May 20th and then 34,65 and 34, despite this it is a very good robot but the best one is Waka Waka, it is the best of the moment!

Prices of the Valery Trading software!

As you can see, it is a wonderful robot, there is no other way to describe it! So, if you want to purchase it, we will show you the prices!

-News Catcher Pro, is worth $809

-Evening Scalper Pro, is worth $809

-Night Hunter Pro, is worth $1,394

-Waka Waka is worth $809, this is the one that we recommend you use! As you can see, you must purchase them separately but if you only want to purchase one, this is the best option!

Conclusion about the Valery Trading software!

So, the CEO of BLW, Cristian AP, tells us that he will get the robots and that he will test them on three different brokers, he will also test them in volatile markets!

Remember that you will find the configuration for each robot online. Within a couple of days, we will bring you the results with these 3 robots. We hope that the information that we shared with you can help you!