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Use the Master App as an auto trader! In case you don’t know, the BLW Binary Master APP is a wonderful BLW product. You’ll have access to an indicator, live signals, and now an auto trader!

There, Cristian AP personally sends signals at 15 GMT. Awesome right? He will screen share and trade with you, explain his strategy.  You will also find Marcel, who is the other expert who is in charge of sending signals.

You will also get a training where you will be able to learn everything related to binary options. The app was originally made to provide signals in 2-3 minutes, but this has been updated by Cristian!

How does the auto trader app work?

What the application does is analyze the markets and then it tells you when to enter a position. If it is buy, or if it is sell. The new strategy is based on 1,2 and 3 minutes, mostly 2 minutes. And it consists of a combination between stochastic and trend RSI with the SMA 50.

Actually, Cristian comments that he has created an application where it will no longer be necessary that you follow the signals. Why? Because you can use different! Also as an auto trader.  The app will just send you a popup with a sound telling you where you should enter each position. And, it works for any pair you want, even stocks and gold!

Purpose of creating a new application?

The app was also made to create an auto trader. We know a lot of people like them!  So, there is an app you can use to turn this indicator into an auto trader. And it will be profitable, as if you were trading by your own! 

One recommendation from Cristian is that you place three positions in the day. Another one is, don’t trust only the auto trader. Because at the end of the day it is not a human. You will be able to take a look and see the candles once you get the app. So, go ahead and use the auto trader wisely!

MT2 platform to auto trade!

You will need a platform called MT2 trading platform. This wonderful app allows you to use an algorithm that is based on MT4. So, whenever you get a signal, the indicator actually takes the right signal and applies it to your broker.

This is a very useful tool, but basically to get it you have 3 options. The monthly plan for $30 and 6 months for $60. Finally, the one-year plan will cost $150. It’s an amazing opportunity you should not miss!

How can you download this new app?

If you are not part of the BLW BINARY MASTER APP, the first thing you have to do is join it!  We have three wonderful prices for you.

– $67 for the monthly plan

– 6-month plan for $367

– 1 year plan for $667


Speaking of prices, Cristian tells us that for the month of January there will be a nice discount! Yeah, you’ll pay only $49.99 per month and the 6-month one will cost $249.99. Then the yearly plan will cost $499.99! So, DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Once you are able to join you can go to the download section and access the signal room, the training and the application. Be sure to put your receipt number, your email and your phone number and within 24 hours your request will be activated. Then you’ll be ready to use this app!


This is your making money opportunity. If you want to reach your goals this 2023 stop waiting and join our BLW Binary Master APP! And, if you like this information, share it with your friends so they can make money too!