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You should try these robots to make $100K per month! We will see some expert advisors that will help you reach your goals this year!

An expert advisor is an algorithm that is installed in your meta trader. This algorithm will have to be connected to your broker and then you will have to let it run so it can make transactions automatically! Thanks to this, you’ll be able to make money!

The point of the expert advisor is that you don’t have to enter manually. The robot will analyze the market, execute the trade, cut losses, and all this. This does not mean that you will get rich within the next 24 hours, one of these robots is aiming for 5% per month when it comes to profit, which is extremely good! The profits you get with the robots will depend on the balance in your real account.

What robots did Cristian buy?

Now we will take a look at Cristian’s FX Robots. At the end of the article, you will find the links to each of the following robots. The first of these expert advisors is GOLDEN PICKAXE. We have already done some articles about this advisor, so you should read them! We also have the WAKA WAKA advisor, we have the 900 PRO advisor and we also have SCALPER PRO. So, Cristian bought all these robots.

You will be able to find all the configurations of the robots, all the pairs with which you can use them. You can use these robots with a VPS. The good thing is that you can find a tutorial for each of the robots. Awesome! Cristian decided to buy all these robots since you can see the performance of each one, and the profit percentages of each one since 2018. A very important point for you to take into account is that these robots cannot be used with the accounts financed because they do not allow it.

Results with one of the robots!

Cristian had already been using one of these robots since last year in November. And, all the operations that he has been able to place win. So far in January, it is 3.37 in profit and we are only at January 24. Basically, it means that it can easily reach 4 or 5% if all goes well within the next couple of weeks. In the month of December, Cristian tells us that he obtained a 3.78% profit, which was very good, considering that December is a crazy month!

Trusted brokers!

Now we’ll tell you some of the trusted brokers you can use with these robots. Cristian is using 3 brokers. IC MARKETS, BLACK BULL, and XM are the ones he trusts the most. On January 19 Cristian had an increase of 0.15% and then on January 20 he had a 0.38% increase in balance.

The only robot with which Cristian has had results is WAKA WAKA with an increase of 0.13. With 900 PRO he has not made exchanges yet. What Cristian tells us is that he placed $10,000 with one of these robots and that he tried it with WAKA WAKA or GOLDEN PICKAXE and then told us how it went.

Cristian’s goals for 2023

Cristian says that he has noticed many people not only from his YouTube channel but from other places want to get rich quickly. And, n reality, the objective that you should have is to increase the investment from 10 to 50%, obviously all this combined.

Cristian is an exclusive person of Bitcoin, for Cristian at the moment the best robots would be WAKA WAKA, GOLDEN PICKAXE, and 900 PRO. So, Cristian’s goal is to be able to make a 2% increase each month with each of these robots. So, if you keep going you could get to an 80 to 100% increase.


So, if you want to join this trip we will leave you the link at the end of the article! It is an affiliate link, yes, if you want to use it and support it, we would greatly appreciate it!

And if you cannot, use the normal link. To finish, we want to mention that each of the robots has a trial period, so you will have no excuse to try them!