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In this article, we will talk about the top 5 products launched by the wonderful BLW company, but I have to point out that all the products that this company have been completely effective and good.

Top 5 BLW Products

Now, you will find the 5 best products that BLW has launched so that you can enjoy them to the fullest and generate extra profits to increase your capital!

  1. BLW Trading Academy: You should know that this is not an application that can provide you with precise signals, it is an online academy that will help you learn the terms you should use when trading, learn how  binary and forex work, and advices that helped Cristian Ap to become one of the most experienced and best traders in virtual trading. You will also get a technical analysis and strategies that you can learn to increase your capital, since they are too effective and precise, as well as learn to control your emotions while doing your daily trading. Now, you will find the link so you can visit this amazing academy:



  • BLW Signals Group: This is a website where you can find several administrators who can help you by providing you signals; they will share the strategies they use to send you the signals so you can understand a little more about their way to analyze the market. This incredible page offers you 2 totally different Rooms. Then I will show you the members of each Room and what time you can find them to enjoy their wonderful signals. Now, you will find the link so you can visit this amazing website:
  • Binary Options:
  • Majo: 13:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT.
  • Lesther: 15:00 GMT to 18:00 GMT.
  • Harry: 16:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT.
  • Prasanna: 17:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT.
  • Rajesh: 19:00 to 21:00 GMT.
  • Forex:
  • Dip: 5:00 GMT to 13:00 GMT.
  • Prasad: 3.00 GMT to 9.00 GMT.
  • Liam: 7:00 GMT to 14:00 GMT.
  • Audrey: 14:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT.
  • Anupama: 1:00 GMT to 9:00 GMT.
  • Prasad: 13:00 GMT to 17:00 GMT.

You can also find live webinars where you will meet the administrator, you can ask him questions about his strategy, other types of strategies and all kinds of questions related to the world of trading.



  • BLW Binary Master APP: This amazing application takes care of sending you signals 24 hours a day, 5 days a week because on weekends MT4 closes so you can avoid losses and market volatility. With this wonderful application you can have at your disposal an expert signal provider in the world of trading that will offer you the best options in the market, using the 3-minute strategy handled by BLW Binary Master App. You will also have access to 11 Masterclasses taught by Cristian Ap that will help you understand the binary options market in more depth with this particular strategy. Now, you will find the link so you can visit this amazing app:



  • BLW FX Tool: This application is based on the analysis of the Forex market only and will send you best signals, this application has advanced intelligence that will allow it to send only the best opportunities offered by the market. It will save you the hard work of analyzing the market and dealing with market volatility, all you have to do is enter the instructions given by BLW FX Tool to your broker and wait for your transaction to finish. Now, you will find the link so you can visit this amazing app:



  • Binary Options for Beginners: This academy was created with the purpose of helping all beginners in the binary options market. You will have access to several masterclass that will help you better understand the management of emotions that you will need to have when you trade, also the general terms used in binary options and how to trade in this specific type of market. Now, you will find the link so you can visit this amazing academy:




My experience using each of the products mentioned in this article  has been wonderful, they have been really effective for me, since I was able to increase my capital in a safe and reliable way. I have also tried other products launched and created by Cristian Ap and I can assure you that all of them are profitable. Now, I will leave you a video so that you can understand in more depth what you have just read, and do not forget to subscribe to Cristian’s channel, so you can enjoy more videos about trading: