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Our main goal is to help you become a professional trader so you can make money! That is why we have developed the best Forex and Binary Options products for you.

So, in this article, we will know the best BLW products so you can start taking advantage of them!

Binary Options, do you know what they are?

Binary Options are high risk financial products to speculate on the movements of different assets, including currencies, commodities, indices and stocks.

One of the characteristics that you must consider in binary options is the time and type of the asset. We have developed awesome products for binary traders, keep reading this article to know what those products are.

And what is Forex?

It is also known as the foreign exchange market, FX, or foreign exchange trading, it is a decentralized global market for all currencies that are traded in the world. This is the largest and most liquid market in the world. It has a daily trading volume that exceeds 5 billion dollars.

Forex trading is the act of speculating on the movement of exchange prices when buying one currency while simultaneously selling another.

Now that you have clear the difference of both, we will show you a list with the best products that BLW has made with one objective, help you make money!


It is important for us that you make money with our products, but for you to make money you need to get education first. Education is the key!

That is why we have developed an amazing academy where you will get trading courses. This academy will help you have a greater knowledge of the products offered by the BLW company.

Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW has made special courses for you to learn the basics of Binary Options and Forex. He will also explain you all the important issues to consider before you start trading.

What is the cost of the BLW Trading Academy?

The best of all is the price of this wonderful academy, just a single payment of $97.00!

It is an amazing investment because if you watch the classes and follow Cristian’s tips, success is guaranteed!

We will leave you the link so you can visit the official page to start learning!


It is one of the best applications that you will find to operate with Binary Options. This will give you 3-minute strategic charts, this means that the trade will take place within 3 minutes and then the time will expire.

This has an accuracy that ranges from 70% to 80%, which is why it is a very effective application in the world of binary options.

What are the prices of the BLW Binary Master App?

The BLW Binary Master App has 3 different prices:

-1 month for $47

-6 months for $197

-1 year plan for $387.

We will leave you the link so you can take a look at this great tool


It is a signals group with a little over 10 years of combined experience. BLW’s team of experts will know exactly how to guide you through the process so you can make a profit on your trades.

You will get Binary Options and Forex signals from Monday to Friday, they have an accuracy of 70 to 80%, it will always depend on market conditions.

In this group you will receive notifications of the signals on your mobile and desktop.

Prices of the BLW Signals Group!

It has 3 awesome prices so you can choose the one that works better for you!

-1-month plan for $47

-6-month plan for $247

-1 year plan  for $427.

We will leave you the link of this so you can see how amazing it is


It is a Forex indicator that is capable of identify patterns in the Forex markets, it will also trigger the most profitable entry opportunities.

This signal generator is intended for both beginners and experienced traders. The purpose of this is to reduce risk as much as possible and thus generate profits and increase them!

How can you get it?

You can get the BLW FX TOOL for a price of $367, it is just a single payment, which is awesome!

We will leave you the official site link so you can see it in more detail and start making money with it!


This is an automated robot that is especially dedicated to Forex. You will be able to use it manually or automatically, it works awesome in both ways, and you will always make money!

The purpose of this robot is to help you find highly effective trading opportunities and thus being able to make profitable trades.

What are the prices?

BLW AUTO TRADER has 2 types of plans:

-Monthly plan, it has a value of $97

-Yearly plan, it has a value of $997

We will leave you the link of the official page so you can visit it https://blwautotrader. com/


As you can see, BLW offers you the best options so you can operate in Binary Options and Forex and always make profits! We hope you can try them, they will change your life!