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BLW has the most trusted Forex robot! We are going to talk about an active trade with the BLW AUTO TRADER. This is an EUR/USD trade.

Cristian closed this trade partially with $158 in profit to remain profitable. The trade had already been there on for 3-4 hours.  Cristian even sent a message to Telegram asking people who were following this signal to take their profits or close partially or move the stop loss. So when you do this, make sure you have breakeven and do the partial close. Just do it, as the trade might retract.

You need to be profitable with the most trusted robot!

It doesn’t matter how many trades you win, it matters if you are profitable or not. In the video below, you will see some operations and how much Cristian was able to earn.

It was around $500 in profit. Then he lost 3 and won another $1,500 trade. That’s okay, it means he’s breaking even. As you can see in the video, he is not risking much and he is getting a lot out of it. This means that the auto trader itself is profitable and it is one of the most trusted. So, follow the instructions, and don’t let your emotions control you.

What you need with this Auto Trader is to have one out of every 3 trades won. If you manage to do this you will have a profit of 1%. You are risking 1% and earning 3%. Incredible, right?

How to use the BLW Auto Trader?

If you are wondering how to use the BLW Auto Trader, what you have to do is install it on your MT4 and set it up. You will see the download area on the website. So, all you have to do is follow the instructions.

In a time of 50 minutes, you will be able to place 2 to 3 positions for the whole week. This means that if you lose one position the other 2 will continue to be in profit. This is something really difficult to do in Forex. You could go weeks with three losses. The point of the auto trader is that it is going to make consistently slow profits.

Use VPS service?

To install it, you just need to download the application or the algorithm in your MT4. Follow the instructions and then activate it! This was something that Cristian did and he activated a VPS service so that when he turns off his computer, the automatic traders will continue doing their job.

There are VPS for 9.99 dollars, some for 42 dollars, Cristian got it for 3 months and he got the MQL5. So, gets yours and you will have much better results.

How can you get the most trusted robot?

You will have 2 options to choose from. Actually, the price is super cheap for 1 month. You will only have to pay 47 dollars for all the functions. Now if you want to get the year you will have to pay 667 dollars. Some automated merchants go as high as $3,000 and this one is only worth a fifth of that!


Well, what are you waiting for to try this great Forex tool called BLW AUTO TRADER? We are 100% sure that you will not be disappointed if you give this auto trader a try. And, as always, we hope that this information will can very helpful for your  training.