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We have the cheapest forex group!  This is a great group of signals where one or more traders are analyzing the market for you. They do this in real-time! So, they will tell the audience the best time to trade.

Not all signal groups are trustworthy, but the point is really to take advantage of the good ones. And the BLW Signals Group is one of them!

Cristian’s January myfxbook with the group!

This is from his robot portfolio. Those are mt4 accounts. So he decided to start a new challenge using the BLW Signals. We will see how long it takes to move to the first phase of the funded account. Cristian started with 25,000 and had a raise of 0.58. Then it went down to 0.02. We have 263 balance sheets.

Then we went down to 1.6 and had a jump to 306. It’s pretty bad considering his first trade was on January 3rd! We are talking about 10 trading days, actually 8 days because Cristian doesn’t trade on Fridays.

So, he’s almost four percent. He was at 4.09, and he was doing it very well but then he lost a position and it’s not good. Let’s look at the growth in January, just following the signs. Since it’s a funded account challenge, he can’t lose more than 5% daily. So now he will be very conservative to avoid losses. What we’re trying to show you is basically how Cristian places the positions so that you can do something similar and make money!

Signal Group Results!

Now let’s talk about the weekly results of the signal group. This is like a weekly report for the date of January 9-13. Let’s start with Anupama which had 3 wins and 0 losses. She had 9 risk-reward ratios, which means 9 pips for each trade to risk.

We have Harry with 3 losses and -3%. So, he has a 1.5% loss. Next, we have Rajesh we had 2 signals at 1/3 not applicable then the reward ratio of 5.86 which actually brings us to 2.93 overall. So, we would have made 1-2%.

You must know that the first days of the year are difficult. But the members of the group are always doing their best to help you! So, we’re sure as soon as you join you’ll start making money!

New Telegram group

Now we have great news regarding this group. There is a new Telegram group so you don’t miss any signal!  So, if you join the BLW signals group you will be able to get every signal in real-time. You will also get updates about the signals and so on, so you can make a lot of money!

New prices for you!

For people who have said that the signal group was too expensive, we have special news! There will be a drop in prices for the entire month of January.

The price will be $29.99 per MONTH, and before it was $47. So, if you want to follow the group of signals you will have no excuse! Actually, with this amount you pay, you can make hundreds of dollars! We hope that all people can take advantage of this great news.


When you receive the signals from the BLW group you can also get the BLW FX ULTIMATE tool 100% free. lt is a Forex tool that will send you alerts so you can make money with Forex.

So, if you are really part of the BLW signals group click and you will be able to download it.  It is actually worth it because it costs $350, but now you can get it for FREE!


Finally, you can join simply by going through the prices, choosing the plan you want, and starting earning money!