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As you saw in our previous articles, now Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW will send signals in the BLW Binary Master App! This is awesome because since he is an expert trader, success is granted!

So we wanted to show you how Cristian AP’s first day was!

But, do you know what is the app?

BLW BINARY MASTER APP is now a great combination of 4 unique features, it is a binary options indicator that works in 3 minutes with the Keltner Channel and Stochastic Oscillator. What are those 4 amazing features? let’s see!

-Downloadable application for MT4:  you can install it on your computer to follow the signals that it sends. The installation process will not take you more than 5 minutes and then you will be ready to make money!

-Special Training: it has wonderful masterclasses where you will learn from the beginning, how to use the app and how to aply the signals that it sends.

-An expert agent will help you make money! You will receive live signals from one of the best traders of binary options, his name is Marcel, and he will find the best opportunities in the market so you can make money!

-Signals sent by Cristian AP! You can now trade with Cristian AP; these signals are provided from 15GMT until 16 or 17GMT. He has a lot of experience in this world, and you will start making money from the first day!


Now that you know how wonderful this app is, you may be wondering how you can purchase it. The process will be easy too!

To join this great application, you must go to the official site or page of the application, this one: then you will see the amazing and accessible plans that it has:

-MONTHLY PLAN: it has a price of just $107 and you will have one month of access to the best features of the app!

-6 MONTHS PLAN: a price of $597

-YEARLY PLAN: for just $997

All of the packages include the same features, which is awesome, but let’s see this: if you purchase the monthly membership, at the end of a year you will have paid $1,284, but if you purchase the yearly plan, for example, you will save $287 that you can use for trade!

You decide which one to go for, just click on registration, made your payment and you will have access.

What are the results of Cristian’s signals?

Now we will see the results that Cristian AP has obtained while he gives signals in this awesome product!

He began to send signals at 15 GMT, over a period he had 8 positions won and 0 lost, then, a moment later 3 more positions won!

Cristian was able to talk to a member of the app and he told him that he started trading with 500 dollars and managed to obtain a profit of 1500 dollars! Awesome right? this means that this user won 3 positions and 0 had losses, he had an increase of 100% in his account.

Another member of the app got 6 wins in a row in 5 minutes or so, these were the results of some of the people who joined! As you can see, this is not a scam, people are making money and you can start too!

So, how much money should you win? This will always depend on the money you are going to invest, for example, if you decided to invest 10 dollars, then you would have made around 90 dollars of profit! So, what you should do is place the same configuration to continue earning money!


As you could tell, Cristian AP had excellent results giving signals, having 12 winning positions and 0 losses! He is an expert, and he wants to help you become an expert too!

Do not miss Cristian’s signals from Monday to Friday at 15 GMT and visit to have these great signals!