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Cristian AP experimented a scam! We made an article where Cristian was offered to override a Forex-funded account. There you had to manage an account, then go through 2 phases and then make a profit. But it did not work!

Today we are going to reveal the name of this company with poor service, as well as what a huge scam it has been.

Website of this scam!

Let’s talk about the website. They had this address: But now it doesn’t take you to the actual website anymore!

Why? Because they created it as a subdomain within the domain. We think it is because they had some problems in the past. Now the address is

So, trust what Cristian shares so that you don’t fall into this trap. Even if you actually click on Telegram, it will take you to a Telegram channel where they are showing every day as if one, two, and even four challenges are happening. And they say that they make thousands of dollars, and the clients are incredibly happy with all this which is a scam, with fake photos.

This is a scam! They blocked Cristian!

Cristian contacted them and asked if he was going to get a refund from them. He mentions to them that he had already spent 540 euros and that he made a double payment and a real payment that they would have to make is 1450.

What happened was that the person Cristian was talking to delete the conversation and blocked him. This is so BAD! He was probably a sales representative. Cristian tried again to enter the Telegram channel, but it is definitely blocked! What does this mean? Obviously, he tells you that this is one of the biggest scams in the Forex industry.

This is the Master Challenge with 5,600 users showing a bunch of fake images. So, we’re telling you this, so you don’t fall into this scam! Cristian ended up losing his money because they were bad traders or something, so they are a big scam 100% sure. You will find many videos that will tell you that this is not a scam, but here we show you the proof!

The first thing you should do!

Now what you will need to do if you are wanting to get a funded account is learn how to trade. It is hard to pass on or trust any of these companies or robots. Cristian is testing a robot for 2023 and has it active in EA financing!

So, the biggest recommendation is our BLW Trading Academy. There you’ll learn how to trade. It is 100% free, learn to trade and practice enough and then get financing.


Finally, we want to tell you that we are sure that 99% of all these are a scam! Cristian took a risk to bring results regarding this company, so we hope you appreciate this valuable information. They really believed that it was a good thing to be able to teach it and take advantage of using the service, so unfortunately it didn’t work.