The best Pocket Option Strategy of 2022

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It is time to make money! That is why in this article we will know one of the best strategies of the year. It is a binary options strategy that can be used in Pocket Option, and it will help you make money in a very easy way. Let’s start!

What is the strategy?

It is a one-minute strategy for binary options. What the strategy does is to look for overbought and oversold conditions in the trading market. This means that all you must do is add an RSI and a stochastic oscillator, the combination of these wonderful indicators is powerful, and it will help you get only the best opportunities in the market!

How should you configure it and how it works?

The RSI has a level of 70 and 30 and the stochastic has a level of 80 and 20. So, what will the RSI do? The RSI will show us an overbought condition once the price is close to or outside the 70 level, and when the price is below or touching the 30 level, it will show us an oversold condition. It will be the same with the Stochastic Oscillator, but with 2 different numbers, 80 and 20. So, whenever the price of the stochastic oscillator is above the level of 80, is an overbought, and if it is below, it is an oversold, as simple as that!

An extra key for you!

The additional key would be to add the Keltner channel and to select the multiplier too! Plus, every time you do that you will see boundaries. So, whenever the price breaks out of the boundaries, it means that the price is overbought, and once the price goes out of the boundaries, it means that the price is oversold. And, whenever you see that those 3 options synchronize themselves, it will be a good trading opportunity!

As you can see, it is a wonderful, simple, and easy strategy! We have been testing it for a few months and it is very accurate! Always remember that it is necessary to check market conditions so you can avoid losses and make as much money as possible.

The CHF Pair!

Another thing that you should consider when you trade with this strategy, is to stay away from CHF pairs, it does not work well with those pairs. So, try to use the other major pairs that exist and let us know how the strategy worked for you!

As you can see, this strategy promises to help you make so much money! So, what are you waiting for try it? We are sure that once you start using it, it will help you a lot.

Great news!

Now, it is time to talk about some great news that we have for you! Approximately within 1 month and a half, Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW will be sending signals regarding this strategy on a special and new product that we have created for you! You will get access to a downloadable application that will find the best opportunities in the market to help you. This application will work from Monday to, Friday, and once a week Cristian will do a live webinar placing the trades, which is awesome! You’ll be able to interact with him on the webinar and ask doubts in case you have.

The app will not send you hundreds of signals, but it is one of the strategies with which you can go from 1 dollar to 5 thousand dollars, trading in 1 day we have made a hundred and some dollars, that only shows how powerful the strategy is!

This application will be for serious people, people who really want to make money and people willing to put a lot of effort!

You will get the best education!

What we really like a lot about this app, is that once you purchase it, you will get about 30 different lessons in which Cristian will teach you how to install the app and how to use it so you can become an expert on it! There will also be a section where you will learn the mentality that you need to have when using this app, maybe some people think that this is not important, and that we always talk about trading mindset, but mindset is the key to be successful in trading! You must control your emotions so then you can make profits!

And that will be it for today! We hope that the content of this article has helped you and that you could try our new application once we launch it!