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In today’s article, we will talk about the experience that Cristian has had with the best funded account. This is so you can make your own decision.

What is a funded account?

First, we need you to know that it is a funded account. In this way, you will understand perfectly what we are going to talk about. A funded Forex account is basically a company that is willing to put its own money so that you can make trades and make money! This is great!

For example, let’s say we have $100,000. So, we try to recruit a good trader who has no money to trade Forex, and he is willing to trade for us. We have to trust the person who will be working with our money.  But first, he will need to do a test. This is so we can see if he is profitable or not.

Once this is proven and he passes the tests, he can be given the $100,000 to trade. Awesome right? Then only the profits are divided. So, this is how it works, now imagine this, but in a bigger world. Obviously with millions of dollars involved and hundreds of thousands of merchants trying every day to get a funded account from a company.

E8 funding is the best account to work with!

So, what this company does is offer you an administration of your financed account. These are very specific and directed to what type of people they are looking for.

All this becomes like a vicious cycle hiring traders who make money at the same time at the same rate. Yeah, it sounds too good to be true.

So go and read what the company says and start! The profit split rate is a 40% total profit figure. While the account owner will keep 50% and the firm keeps 10%, that’s how some funded accounts work.

The E8 funding account, how it works?

This one must be traded there. What they offer is basically that you can create your own account and then you send your trade details to your MT4 and start trading.

The prices are really low, we’re talking about a service fee of $450 per $100,000. You have 20 days to spend your funded account and that’s good. Another plus point is that they have Bitcoin as a payment method. So, for $450, it’s worth the risk.


Buy the plan for $450 and get new financing. We recommend that you follow this process. This has no tricks, it is not possible, and everyone will get a profit. So, take advantage of this amazing plan! It is honestly something where you will receive a lot of funds.