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If you are looking for a Forex broker, XM is the best option!

For people who are not familiar with it, XM is a Forex broker that Cristian AP has used since 2015, that is why he recommends it!

XM is one of the most popular brokers, we will leave you the link so you can visit the website and we recommend that you download it. Let’s see how it works!

XM Regulation

Let’s talk about the regulation and licensing of this broker. When we talk about forex brokers it is super important that you go to the bottom of the website, there you will find that it says XM global limited, authorized and regulated by the FSC financial services commission.

You will also find a license number, regulated by the Cyprus Securities Commission. As you can see, it has all the possible regulations, it is very important that you work with a broker that is regulated and XM is one of them, be careful where you put your money!

Demo account to start practicing!

XM has a demo account, with a virtual balance where you can practice any type of strategy you want and also test the high quality of this broker.

What’s the minimum investment in XM?

Now we will talk about the minimum investment, this is what you can do, once you have practiced in the demo account, Cristian advises you to deposit 30 dollars, which is somewhat low, but with this, you can start making some money in the world of Forex!

Why 30 dollars? because 30 dollars is something that you can recover easily, then you can make larger deposits like 500 or 1000 dollars.

MT4 and MT5 compatibility

The best about XM is that it can be installed on any of the platforms,  MT4 or MT5, Cristian tells us that he uses or prefers the commercial view or Ctrader, but that this broker can only be used with MT4 or MT5!

It is also available for Smartphones and tablets, this option is very good for closing or placing trades, but if you are going to analyze the market, it will be better to use a computer!

New area with webinars in Spanish!

As you can see, XM has a lot of amazing features! You will find a new area as a center for research and education. Is it a learning center? It is really an advanced room for people who speak Spanish, so you will receive live education, such as educational video tutorials, Forex seminar platforms, obviously, for this, you will have to be a member. On August 15, a webinar was held in Spanish and English, so you will learn a lot there!

Conclusion about XM!

So, if you join this great broker, you can have access to the rooms you want either in Spanish or English, in any of these you can receive the education you need, you can find topics for beginners such as an introduction to MT4 and MT5, which is trader, pips, lots, position sizes, etc. You can have this education from Monday to Friday, which makes this broker awesome!

Remember that not all brokers have these amazing features, so as you can see, XM is an amazing broker, plus, Cristian recommends it, so we can see how trustworthy is!

Well, if you want to get more education about trading, do not forget to visit Cristian AP’s academy, which is totally free, we will leave you the link so you can visit it!