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Are you looking for the best Forex broker? We’ll give you information about it here! The first thing to look at when joining a new broker is to look at the actual reviews. If you can’t really find any good reviews about it, it could be a scam. One of the best brokers should offer you changes in leverage, account types you are going to be using, minimum deposit and so on.

XM Broker is the best broker!

Let’s talk about this XM broker. At the end of this article, we will leave you a link so you can visit it.  A lot of people should be using this specific broker because it is awesome!

One of the first things we should mention regarding this broker is that it has been working since 2016. It has been working for years, amazing right? Maybe it was opened a long time before.

More than 1,000 instruments.

This wonderful broker has more than 1,000 instruments. The instruments are really good depending on what you’re going to be trading. This makes this broker the best! You are going to have it 24/7 trading Crypto and CFDS. And, in case you like to trade during the weekends, the leverage is as high as 1000. It is not recommended but it is always good to have that option depending on when you are going to deposit. Another good thing about XM is that you can receive a bonus of up to 5000 dollars. Remember that you can also have the web trader option, you can use it with MT4 and MT5.

The minimum deposit makes XM the best broker!

The minimum deposit with this broker is as low as $5. Right now, it changed to $30. But still, $30 is pretty low based on other brokers. For example, one of the brokers that we used to use has a minimum deposit of 5000 dollars! This is a lot of money for a lot of people, so it is not going to be suitable for you. If you have 30 dollars that is what you must invest to try this broker.

Platform Features are the best!

One of the coolest features about this platform is that they have free education! Yeah, you will learn at no cost. For example, they have the research section where you can get some business ideas, podcasts etc.

You will also be able to have some live education like videos, technical fundamentals, money management analysis, trading, psychology and so on. It’s great as in the past brokers didn’t offer this. Of course, if you want more free education obviously, we advise you to go to our BLW Trading Academy which is 100% free

MT4 and MT5 with XM

You can also use XM with the trading platforms that are MT4 and MT5. These are for Android, for tablets, for IOS or for your desktop, you have them all actually. Most of the time you have to install a Windows emulator inside your Mac in order to use MT4, the XM guys include it right out of the box so you can use it on a computer like a Mac, which is really cool!  You will be able to use an expert advisor or signal indicators with this broker.

Broker’s Regulation

In the XM regulations it says, “Global Limited authorized and regulated by the financial services commission FSC”. They are regulated by the FSC and the SYSAC. These regulations are really important, if you are in Central America the Cyprus stock market will not cover you. Now if you are for example, in Australia or you are living in the European Union the broker covers you there so it’s a really good thing. The regulations serve and say that they are a serious type of business. It is a broker with a very good reputation. This makes it the best broker!


The last thing we want to tell you about is the demo account, which is free so you can try it out. This so you can choose any type of account, this is up to you. We hope that the information in this article can be of great help and that you can start making money with this great broker!