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Now, in this article you can find information that will help you differentiate each of the features offered by these 2 websites.

Who is the creator of these 2 web pages?

The founder and creator of these 2 amazing websites is Cristian Ap, he is a renowned YouTuber who has more than 100,000 subscribers on his official YouTube channel. The kind of videos that you can find in this fabulous channel will be videos on how to learn to trade in the world of trading, strategies for any level of knowledge in virtual trading and you will also find tips that have worked for this incredible trader to increase his capital in a safe and effective way.

In addition, he  will recommend the best brokers that traders can use, so that they do not fall for any scam. Without a doubt, he is a complete YouTuber with the content that he uploads to his channel because he also does weekly live shows.

What is the BLW Signals Group?

It is a solid company that has a history of more than 3 years in the world of trading, and it is a page that focuses on the exchange of currencies in real time. At BLW Signals Group you will be able to find 2 totally different types of signals at the time of trading that are a fundamental piece in the world of trading. In these 2 different rooms you can find experienced traders who can help you improve your skills when trading, since you can ask them anything about their strategies, other strategies or anything related to the world of trading.

Now, I will show you the type of business that you will find and what hours they will be available in case you are interested in obtaining this wonderful page.



-Binary Options

  • Majo: 13.00 GMT to 16.00 GMT.
  • Lesther: 15.00 GMT to 18.00 GMT.
  • Harry: 16.00 GMT to 19.00 GMT.
  • Prasanna: 17.00 GMT to 21.00 GMT.
  • Rajesh: 19.00 GMT to 21.00 GMT.


  • Anupama: 01.00 GMT to 09.00 GMT.
  • Prasad: 03.00 GMT to 07.00 GMT.
  • Liam: 07.00 GMT to 14.00 GMT.
  • Audrey: 14.00 GMT to 21.00 GMT.
  • Dip: 05.00 GMT to 13.00 GMT.
  • Prasad: 13.00 GMT to 17.00 GMT.

What is the operation of BLW Signals Group?

The official site of BLW Signals Group will give you several features that can help you make your stay on this wonderful page more comfortable and secure. Now, I will show you each of the tools that you will find if you subscribe to the BLW Signals Group.

  • History Signals: This tool is completely new in the world of trading because no other type of company has it and it will help you to vote for the results you obtained for a signal.
  • Chatroom: This option will help you communicate with the other members of the page and be able to share advice or some type of information about the other products that are for sale, you can also talk directly with each administrator on how to follow their signals or ask them any questions you have related to the world of trading.
  • Webinars: BLW Signals Group offers you the opportunity to meet the administrators, since in these webinars, they will have the camera on, and they will be able to show you how their strategy works or see them operating in real time.
  • Binary Signals: The operation of this section within the page is to provide only signals to those who are interested in the Binary Options market.
  • Forex Signals: The operation of this section within the page is to provide only signals to those who are interested in the Forex market.

What is BLW Binary Master App?

This platform was designed for anyone who wants to trade in the binary-only market in a fast, effective and 100% reliable way. With this application you will be trading with 1-minute candles that can also be known as instants, if you are a beginner trader, I advise you to try this incredible application since you will learn to improve your skills as a trader and enjoy the best options that the market offers you to increase your capital.



How does BLW Binary Master App work?

BLW Binary Master App is an application that is working from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day. This is because it avoids trading closed markets or OTC at all costs, as it may be too dangerous for the trader to operate at that time, and this is possible because it has advanced intelligence that helps it recognize when the market It is unstable so that it stops sending alerts and avoid losses in your real account. It also has an advisor called Marcel García who can answer any questions you have regarding the world of trading; he can also help you correctly enter each of the alerts sent by the same application and provides webinars so you can get to know him with deepen your knowledge as an expert trader.

Offers in Binary Master App

The offers that Binary Master App will offer you are really accessible. Now, you will be able to find the 2 types of offers given  by this incredible application and its characteristics:

-Monthly: If you are interested in using Binary Master App for only one month, this option will interest you because by paying only $49.99 you will get the application at no extra cost.

  • MT4.
  • Live webinars.
  • 10 Masterclasses.
  • 3-minute strategy.
  • Capital increase up to 70 – 80% if the market is in good conditions.

-Lifetime: This option is priced at $174.99; it is a very affordable price because it will be the only payment you will make you will be able to use it all the time for the rest of your life.

  • MT4.
  • Live webinars.
  • 10 Masterclasses.
  • 3-minute strategy.
  • Capital increase up to 70 – 80% if the market is in good conditions.


Now, you may be wondering what the difference between these 2 incredible web pages is, on one page you will be able to obtain 2 different types of businesses with totally different strategies so that you can learn to use each one of them. And BLW Binary Master App is an application that will notify you of the best options on the market, so you can learn how instant signals work and has an advisor who can guide you through your stay in this incredible application.