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We decided to write this article because we have AWESOME news for you regarding the BLW Trading Academy! So, we are going to know how it works and how you can take advantage of it so you can become an expert trader!

Education is key!

The BLW Trading Academy is an academy for trading, it was created by the CEO of BLW, Cristian AP, he loves to educate and help many people so they can make as much money as he does in trading!

If you are starting in the world of trading, you must know that education is key! You need to get as much education as you can first so then you can start investing your money. Yeah, because we are talking about money, and nobody wants to lose here!

What is the BLW Trading Academy?

So, you will need to educate yourself if you want to make money, BLW TRADING ACADEMY is the step you need to take! This was basically created to help thousands of beginners around the world to get started in day trading without hidden secrets, here you will learn not only the basics, but also advanced techniques so you can achieve your goals!

You will find many days trading courses, not like other places that only give you the basics of Forex and trading options. In BLW TRADING ACADEMY you will not spend money, instead, Cristian AP will teach you how to invest and take advantage of it!

But there are no videos? Why?

If you just joined the BLW Trading Academy and see that there are no videos, do not worry! We are not trying to scam you and we are not lying to you! There is a reason behind this… The videos in the BLW Trading Academy used to be at Vimeo, but they were trying to charge us more money to have our videos there. So, we decided to migrate to YouTube, all this training will be migrating to YouTube!

Once it is done, you will have all the amazing content for FREE!

What will you find in the FREE BLW Trading Academy?

We really love this academy because it has everything you need to become an expert! You will be able to find the basics of day trading such as, what are binary options? what is Forex? wow to decide your minimum deposit of money? etc.

Once you have finished the training, then you can go to the technical analysis training which has strategies and techniques proposed by Cristian AP. And strategies and techniques are very important because everyone needs a good strategy and a plan to be successful in trading!

You will have access to an inner circle!

You will also be able to join an inner circle in the BLW Trading Academy, such as a Facebook group and also in a Telegram channel.  Here we will leave you the link of our main telegram channel so you can get more updates

What were the previous prices?

Maybe you are wondering what the prices of this academy were.  So, here is the answer! The price was $197, so then BLW decided to go down to $97 only and not $1,000 like other academies out there. Remember that if you are looking to make money $1000 is too much, so, to help you, now the academy is FREE!

Why is the BLW Trading Academy free now?

The training is free just for one reason, you need to learn before you start making money! So, if you are part of the BLW Signals Group, or if you are part of the Facebook group, it doesn’t matter where you are in BLW, if you’re not making money, it’s because of a lack of education!

There are no secrets!

Education is key, we say it again, there are no secrets, and there are no magic tools, if you are not making money is because you’re not educated, so this is the place for you to learn, here are the lessons that are going to work for you!


So, the BLW Trading Academy is free because the investment required is minimal and you can go to the training as many times as you want, whether it is once 5, 10 or 20 times, it does not matter how many times you do it, so take the training, do it!  Our last advice is practices makes perfect! Remember this, practice as many times as necessary and we promise you that you will be a successful trader!  It would be great if you recommend BLW TRADING ACADEMY to other people so they can learn how to make mo