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Here we’ll see the new 1-minute strategy that Cristian AP is using for binary options! This strategy is helping him to make a lot of money!

So, Cristian uses QUOTEX. One of the most reliable brokers in the world in this type of market. You can use this same broker or any other that is adaptable for the configurations that we will be able to see below. It is too simple; you will have to trade with one-minute candlesticks. This will make it more suitable for a group of brokers.

Strategy Settings!

Let’s see the settings of this strategy. You will have to add two different moving averages. You will add a 10-moving average in yellow color. The other one will be an SMA for four of them. This one is in blue and has a 10-moving average.

You will also have to add the MAC indicator.  The MACD goes to be 12,26 and 9. As simple as that! You don’t have to change this specific indicator. What you must look for is the moving average to crossover. Or the MACD crossover of the blue line about to cross the yellow line.

Why use 1-minute candles? This is so you can enter in the same candle. At the beginning of the candle or in the crossing. Even if the other indicator is not going to cross at the same time, then that easily you will be able to win!

3 trades were entered with this strategy. And we won 2 out of 3. It is really a profitable strategy.

As you can see, it is a strategy with a slightly higher degree of complexity than the other strategies. We recommend you, as always, try it first on a demo account. Cristian managed to place 20 positions. And he managed to win a total of 14 positions.

This means that the strategy is 77% accurate. It is a super profitable and very conservative strategy. Remember, don’t trade with more than 5% of your balance for each trade.

Strategy Usage Tips

Let’s see some additional tips regarding this strategy. This is so that you can understand it in the best way!

Remember not to trade more than 2 entries per trade. Only if you see that the cross is happening and you see a jump, the price is obviously a sell position. So, here you can enter the highest point to recover. In case you want to win both.

Another tip is, don’t trade with more than 5% of your balance. You must be conservative. If you follow these tips, you will eventually make a nice profit! The recommended thing to operate is 3%. And avoid high volatility news.


We hope that this strategy can be useful in your daily trading! And in your financial life. Don’t forget to follow Cristian’s YouTube channel where you can find videos about this strategy and many others.