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Are you making money with Binary Options? Here you will learn what you need to make money with Binary and become a professional trader! There are many people who think that they really need a simple strategy. And yeah, it works, but it is not the only way.

3 tips to make money with Binary Options!

There are a few things you need to know to make money with Binary Options. In this article we will look at least 3 of these things!

-If it is a working strategy, it will work. If it has at least 70% accuracy it will make money for you constantly.

-The second would be the management of your emotions. There is a lot of control over emotions. These are basically the ones that make you negative or positive and you just can’t control them. You will have emotions when you win money, but you can also get frustrated when you lose.

-The third thing you need to know to make money on Binary Options is to avoid false promises. There are many people out there telling you that you are going to make thousands and thousands of dollars in just 24 hours by joining an automated system. This does not really work, most of these are scams! They just take your money at the end.

What do people usually look for when they are trading Binary Options?

Many people are looking for the fast track or the shortcut. Many people show that the way to make money with Binary Options is to put $100, invest and win. Then have a balance of $170 and do the same operation again and thus reach $10,000. This is supposed to be the way to make money.

And there are many videos doing that, but the truth is that you must do at least 1000 sessions. To achieve this with $100 you will have to try many times and many people do not know how many times you must do this. 

So, what is really recommended is that you invest wisely! This, keeping 5% of your balance. Many people use 10% and it is fine if you really know what you are doing. Now if you are a beginner keep 5% of your balance. Many people want to make $1000 a day and withdraw $1000 and that is not the way. If you have $100 in your account and you earn $300 then withdraw $200 and start over.

Cristian’s Recommendation!

A recommendation that Cristian gives us is that within these two issues a balance should be found. He is not saying that you should not invest too much, and we are not telling you to invest all your money either.

You must find a balance, do not be greedy. There are many people with up to 200 accounts trading with $1 each account and people with only one account with $200 and trading with $100. Find your balance if you make $10 a day, your emotions will be fine! And don’t borrow money to trade binary options.

The biggest mistake!

This brings us to the biggest mistake people make when trading Binary Options. Is that if you type Binary Options on YouTube, you’re going to find a bunch of strategies telling you to go right there and buy. And others saying when you see 3 green candles then the next one will be red, so you should enter now.

There are so many videos on YouTube, and some are contradictions of each other. It’s very easy to get confused. So, the mistake is that many people want to use several strategies at the same time!

So, stick to a single strategy and keep making money. We recommend you visit Cristian’s YouTube channel where you will find 75 and 85% accuracy strategies. And, with these you can make money efficiently. All strategies are easy if you learn to use them well!

The final recommendations

Don’t take advice from too many people. This is kind of hard as every time you meet someone you think they are very talented and normally you trust them and want to be like them. And then you met more people, and you don’t know what advice to really follow.

So, the advice is to choose a final mentor. Make sure you follow only one advice and do not follow too many. One more recommendation would be to practice with demo accounts! Pocket Option demo account has like $1000 so you can practice as much as you can to get familiar with the market.

And as a final point, join the free webinars that Cristian AP shares so that you can have all the information you need and start on the right foot. You can also join our FREE BLW trading academy to learn more about Binary and Forex


In this article we were able to see all the necessary information that you should know so that you can generate money in Binary Options. Keep in mind that if you follow each of the recommendations you will be very successful! And of course, you will have a lot of money.