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It’s possible to trade and make money during Christmas? Let’s start this article by talking about what happens in the market during December. It is not a secret that market volatility happens all the time. If you are a scalp trader or a day trader you are going to have some volatility. But whatever you are focused on, you should keep in mind that December is too volatile!

In December, the markets tend not to respect the usual strategies that we use. The best months to trade are July and October, according to Cristian AP. So December is an unpredictable month as to which direction it’s going to go.

Operate during Christmas?

We recommend you watch our video below so you can understand this better. So, depending on what strategy you are going to use, you will see good or bad results.  For example, if you are going to use the 50 EMA that you don’t see anywhere, or you can go with 200 EMA which is another strategy.

If you look closely at the examples in our video this type of market is not going to respect any strategy. Why? Because on these dates the market is much more volatile. So it is more likely that if you operate on these dates you will lose your money. There are very few trading opportunities in December.

Why don’t you see big movements in the market?

This is due to the institutions that are not operating during this Christmas. The big institutions stop trading in December and start again from January to May with all their might. For this reason, it is difficult for traders to get opportunities to trade properly.

Should you change your trading style?

The last question is if you should change the style of trading in December. The recommendation that Cristian wants to share with you is that if you have active trades, let them run. This is because the markets are not going to move as much in December unless there is some news and things like that.  You can also go with a demo account or risk some money on your trades.


Finally, we can say that December is really not a good month for you to be operating. But if you already have some operations placed, just let them advance on their own and do not place more. We hope this information can be very helpful to you. Do not forget to visit Cristian AP’s YouTube channel where you can find any type of information for these markets in particular!