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Today you’ll learn 5 secrets for the withdrawal process, when trading Binary Options. You should know that Binary Options work when you are trading, when you bet against the broker. So, every time we are making money the broker is losing money. And on the contrary, when money is being lost the broker will be making money.

In this way, what would happen if in a week 80% of the people who deal with the platform earn money? The broker would be in negative balance. So, when you make a withdrawal request it is as if you are asking them for money out of their own pocket.

In this way no broker is going to give you what you want. Depending on which broker you are working with, you will not have any problem. Newer brokers will give you more trouble giving you a withdrawal, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get your money.

Here’s a secret, don’t take the bonuses!

Now we will talk about the withdrawal process which you should know. If you take a bonus you can forget about an accelerator, this means in business days after you request it, but you will need an exchange of 20 to 50 times the amount you invested.

For example, if you had an investment of $100, you would have to have $5,000 and up to $15,000 in pure trades. So, imagine how long it would take you to reach that $15,000. And thus being able to withdraw is a long time.

Not all brokers offer you bonuses. Now due to regulations, the brokers that are not regulated are the ones that will offer you those bonuses, so you have to be aware of this. You can simply avoid it. If you are a beginner and do not know much about bonuses, we recommend that you stay away. Always keep in mind this secret so it can be easier for you to trade!

Documentation, another of our secrets!

Another thing you should know is about the documentation process that you must send. This is proof of identity and proof of your utility bill. The problem with this topic is that many times people mention that the broker requests the documentation, and sometimes they don’t respond or say the withdrawal has been canceled.

So, make sure that your documentation is in order. And, at least the images you send must have a high definition more or less than 1080p. In this way you will not have problems in the future, and it will not be necessary to re-verify your account. We hope this secret we just share with you can help you!

Difference between scam and lag

You will need to know about the withdrawal process, and this is the difference between a scam and a delay. So, any time you accuse a broker of scamming, and you don’t have enough physical evidence they can take legal action against you.

If the broker never gave anyone a withdrawal, then it is a scam. But if at least one withdrawal, it was just a delay. There will be various excuses that the brokers will give you. You must remember that if the broker does not want to pay you, what you need to do first is to meet all the requirements such as minimum paperwork, exchanges if any, and basically obtain the approval of the seller.

And, if you have a YouTube channel or a blog you can expose them to thousands of people. It is a secret tip that we wanted to share with you! If you do, they will lose many opportunities to work with other merchants. And in this way, they would rather make your money back than lose thousands of dollars, this is advice. You should be careful with which broker to invest.


The last thing you should know is that the higher the amount, the longer it will take to withdraw. This happens with all brokers. So, we hope that this information can be of great help when you want to make withdrawals with different brokers.