Scam alert, BLW Trading Academy is a fraud?

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In this post I will tell you what I explain on this video about the BLW Trading Academy, so you can know if it is a scam or not. This academy was make so fully beginners can become day traders after taking this training. The first version of this academy was pretty basic, founded by me in 2018, and many people took the training, and after you take the new version, you’ll be able to make money online.

What it includes?

This academy includes basics of day trading. It includes binary options and forex fully explained, money management principles and lots of things that will help you lots. All of these lessons are super important in order to get into the trading world. Then, we also have the technical and strategy training, which is basically all the strategies and more technical details so you can start trading since day one. As you can see, I give you a step by step trading so that you can get what it is what you need to do since day one. Also, there is a bonus content at there that I’ll try to upload every month with a new video so you can make more money with day trading.

Why some people think that it is a scam?

Before you purchase the course you’ll see a full training for beginners. It was specially created for people that don’t have any idea of what day trading is, so they can take a decision before  they purchase it. And after you pay, you’ll get an email with your log in information. Usually the email gets within one hour to you, there you´ll see your log in information.

What happens sometimes is that you either don’t get that email or the email goes to the spam section. And this happened to a person that got the email and the password field was empty. This  is an error that happens sometimes when you try to purchase many times with the same email. But it’s not a huge problem because once you purchase my team will go and check that the password was correctly send to you. And this means it’s not a scam because after that you´ll be able to access the academy and enjoy of it!

So, if you want to know more details, I recommend you check the video at our Youtube channel. And don’t forget to subscribe to watch more content about online trading!