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We love to show you different ways to make money, that is why in this article we will show you everything about a Crash Crypto Game. Its name is Roobet casino, and we’ll see if it works or if it is just a scam!

What is Roobet casino?

So, Roobet casino is a website where you can find different casino games so you can play and make money! You need to make an initial investment and once you gamble, you will start making money. You must know that most of these applications end up being a scam, but that is why we are here, to show you the truth.

As we could see during our research, it is a reliable guarantor. This is confirmed by the operating license that is accredited by Curacao Gaming Control, and all of this is supported by users. Plus, Cristian AP decided to try it too! We could see that the payments at Roobet are safe, registration is very fast, and the games are transparent!

Offer of games in casino Roobet!

So, we decided to check the catalog of games that this casino has. And we saw that it has up to almost 2000 different titles. Some of the providers that Roobet casino uses in their catalog are NetEnt and PlaynGo.

It has its own games!

A cool thing we found about Roobet casino is that it will be able to offer you 5 of its own games that you will not be able to find in any other casino, these are: Crash, Roulette, Dice, Mines and Towers. They are games with simple shapes in which you can win many prizes quickly. You only need to choose the amount you want to bet and in a short time, you will know if you won or not!

Roobet Casino Bonuses!

Another good advantage of this casino is that it has different promotions for all its users, offering a RooWards rewards program for players who are registered. This will consist of leveling up with each bet and deposit to get prizes such as free spins, free balance, additional balance, or greater cashback either daily or monthly!

How can you participate?

For you to participate, you must register correctly and make your first deposit and start betting. You will be able to always see your level progress from your personal profile. Once you reach a certain level in RooWards you may be connected by Roobet casino to participate in their VIP program!

At this point you will be assigned an agent who will guide and advise you as a VIP client.

Secrets of Roobet casino!

We found something awesome about Roobet casino if you go to the player’s live chat area you will sometimes find “CoinRain”. This is a kind of raffle in which you can participate with your balance to get a part of the total collected from all the players who participate.

How can you know it is not a scam?

The license under which Roobet casino operates is from the Gaming Control Board of Curacao. Which is an internationally recognized body that has been regulating the gambling and betting sector for decades. With this information, it is clear for us that it is not a scam. Plus, in the video that we will leave you at the end of our article, you’ll see how Cristian AP tried this and made money!

Since they have a license to operate, we know that they are carrying out their work in an honest, responsible, and competitive manner.


We can conclude that Roobet is a recommended crypto casino that has different good offers for you. It has different games where you can play and make money, but remember, always get as much information as you can about this so you can start without any issue! And, do not forget to watch Cristian’s YouTube live video where he tests this casino!