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What happened to the Keltner Channel strategy? Today we’ll talk about it!  1 year ago, or so, Cristian AP was using this strategy for Binary Options. He was teaching us how to use KELTNER CHANNELS in combination with the stochastic oscillator.

So, the way the strategy worked was looking for oversold or overbought conditions and entering trades of 3 minutes. This strategy is now somewhat outdated! So, many people ask, does it work or not? Yes, you can use it again, but there are changes due to it being out of date! Let’s see what those changes are.

How did Keltner Channel Strategy work?

This specific strategy was about moving the Keltner channel and just adding the RSI. Cristian used the Keltner channel only to determine overbought or oversold conditions. Cristian has many strategies, don’t get confused as to which one you should use.

At this point, we recommend you take the free webinar regarding the 1-minute strategy we’re talking about! We’ll leave you the link in the video below so you can go and learn. You will learn exactly how you should trade using this specific strategy with details like entry points, what to avoid, and all this kind of stuff.

Which is the best strategy?

The best expiration time is 3 minutes in the opinion of Cristian AP. You will always have to control your emotions, remember that! With the 3-minute trades, your emotions are affected much less.

When the operations are for 1 minute, people get too stressed, and emotions cannot be controlled. People working with 3-minute trades are much more relaxed. But anywhere you are going to make money, it doesn’t matter if it’s 1 minute or 3 minutes. The only difference is the expiration and your emotions. The payouts are the same, the trades are the same, and the setup is the same! So, basically no difference.

Win Rates of the Keltner Channel Strategy.

The Keltner Channel win rate and its 1-minute strategy were honestly more accurate. The 1-minute strategy had about 80% profitability and as for the Keltner channel, it would have about 90%.

Why? Because there is a big difference and it is simply the longer in the candle frame, the more respected the indicator. This is for Forex, crypto, stocks, for pretty much everything.

Now, which one should you use?

Remember that you must use some strategy where you can control your results and your emotions, of course. So, one of the best tips we can give you is to try both strategies. Go ahead and open a free demo account. We want to quickly mention QUOTEX as the best broker now! Of course, it is best to use it with this specific strategy.


As we mentioned before, try the 2 strategies, and stick with the one you feel most comfortable with. With either of the 2 you will earn money! We hope that the information on these strategies has been very helpful, especially for your training as a professional trader.