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Is it possible to make that number of profits? We’ll see Cristian’s personal trading results for a week with his own signals. Signals of the amazing BLW Binary Master APP! During the week, from Monday October 24 he obtained a total of 6 victories. On Tuesday he obtained 5 wins and 1 loss. Then, on Wednesday was the worst day obtaining 4 victories and 2 losses. But on Thursday he got 5 wins and 0 losses. To finish, on Friday he had 4 wins and 0 wins, giving a total of 24 wins and 3 losses with 88.89% accuracy.

Marcel, who is another expert in charge of sending signals, had a totalof 52 wins and about 4 losses! This, making a total of 92.86% accuracy. Awesome, right?

BLW Binary Master App will help you generate profits!

For people who do not know, we are talking about the BLW Binary Master App. On this site is where Cristian and Marcel separately have live signals sessions. They look only for the best opportunities in the market. Then, they send them to you so you can make as much profits as they are doing!

The BLW Binary Master App, as it names indicates, also has an application. So, with the app you will get signals during the day once the app finds a good entry. This, from Monday to Friday. While the live signals from Cristian are sent from Monday to Friday too, at 15 GMT. When it comes to Marcel’s signals, he has a different schedule every week, so he will share his schedule on the free telegram group of BLW so you can see it:

Profits in a week with Cristian and Marcel!

Let’s say you were going to trade with $5 and you would have followed Cristian’s sessions. You would have been able to earn 75 dollars. But if you had instead followed Marcel’s sessions, your earnings would have been $175 dollars.

On the other hand, if you had traded with $25 and followed Cristian’s sessions you would have made approximately $375. And with Marcel it would have been around $875. Excellent, right? So. in these markets there are traders who have much larger accounts. If at some point you could have placed $1000 for each trade with Cristian, you would have been able to get around $15,000. And if you had done it with Marcel, it would have been around $35,000 in profits.

How can you join Cristian and Marcel’s sessions?

The way you can do it is quite simple! We’ll leave you a button to join at the end of this article. Remember, you will not only get signals! You will be able to get training with a total of 10 master classes where you will learn the way to operate with Binary Options.

If you are a person who is just starting out, then you also have access to live webinars of Marcel and Cristian on specific dates.   We advise you to choose the option that better adapts to your needs so you can make profits!

You can get the BLW Binary Master App with the following plans:

-$67 dollars per month.

-$367 dollars for 6 months.

-And if you want to get the yearly plan the price will be $667.

It is worth mentioning that now Marcel offers mentorships, which means that he will be able to explain to you in a better way how to trade. You can get the personalized training free if you purchase the 6-month and 1-year plan. If you want to get it with the 1 month you will have to pay an extra amount of $17.


As we saw in the article BLW Binary Master App is a great tool to generate profits effectively! If you follow the advice of Cristian or Marcel, you will be able to obtain the results that we saw and even much better ones. We hope that you give this great application a chance and, like others, you can also generate a lot of money!