Platform E8 to make money!

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Are you ready to make money? This platform is for you! You can use it to make profits with funded Forex accounts. We’ll explain you how this works. You must choose the account, it could be $50,000, $100,000 or up to $200,000. From any account you will be able to have most of the benefit!  Imagine being able to obtain up to $20,000 of profits. Amazing right? So, this is very good as withdrawals are also very reliable and fast.

Cristian’s results with E8 platform!

Now we will see the last results that Cristian AP obtained with his account. He started with an account of 50,000. So, in some stop loss the benefits were there. He was able to have 2,500 dollars in profit. Wonderful right?

The first operation was on September 8. And he is currently making a lot of money. If you go to your control panel in the platform you can see what your challenge is. You can also see what your profit is. And something very important is that it tells you what your disadvantage is!

As you can see, they give you a lot of information. This will help you be more profitable. They will also tell you what can take you out of the account. And remember that they block your account if you do something wrong. So, you must be very careful when using this tool. But it is worth it!

Until now, Cristian has obtained a 5% of profit. Every day has been very profitable, which is incredible. On this past Monday, he opened a position in the USD CHF pair. Now, he will wait 10 days to see how much he can earn with 5%. We’ll keep you updated!

Things you will have to avoid with E8 platform!

You will have to avoid certain things with this E8 platform. For example, minimum trading days. There is a challenge. So, if you want to do it, you must do certain things. You will have to trade at least a few days during the challenge. And you will have to avoid the maximum loss.

For example, for Cristian, if he lost, they would take around 20,500 dollars. The challenge benefits are roughly $4,000.

There are some ways to win the challenges, but you must avoid what the system itself doesn’t allow you to do!

You can’t use a signal service that everyone is wanting to do. Plus, you can’t use the same indicators as everyone else uses. Most of the time you will have to trade on your own, and trade manually.

Why do we say this? Because as we have seen, many accounts have been closed. This is because many people are using an indicator that is not allowed by the system. The biggest recommendation is that you trade manually. And this, at the end of the day means that you are a good trader. They will want to work with you in the future. This means a lot of money!

How to win with E8 platform?

The recommendation to win this challenge is that the stop loss must be very small. Cristian tells us that he risked 200 dollars out of 50,000 that he had in the account. So, with a position that wins, he generates around 1000 dollars. This means that it won’t matter if you lose 2 more trades.

How can you join E8 platform?

It’s too simple. You can choose the plan that suits you. If you want a 25,000 account, it will have a value of $228. And if you want a 50,000 account it will have a value of $338. There is also a 100,000 account that has a value of $588. Finally, the 250,000 account has a value of $1000.

Imagine making 10% on one of the last accounts. It would be like $25,000 profit! So, it’s all up to you and how much money you want to make. This will depend on how much money you can invest.


Do we recommend this platform? Yeah!  E8 platform is a super cool tool, and it is a great way to earn money. We will leave you the link right here so you can look and give it a try. Remember to leave us a comment and share with us your experience!