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Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW just passed the first phase of his funded account! This was done just by activating a robot. This type of robot is not high frequency in trading and not all companies allow this, but this company does. So, Cristian was able to test a robot. It’s really great, since Cristian in 30 minutes managed to have a profit of 2,244 dollars! Wonderful, right?

Phase 2 for Cristian?

Cristian had to put some pressure on these people to get him to the second phase. Cristian tells us that he made some trades with a few cents just to cover the 5 trading days once he got into his trades. Some of these didn’t count probably because they were too small and Cristian put them this way to cover the dates, he didn’t even do analysis or anything.

He also received a message saying that he had already passed the challenge, which was great! They sent him an email saying: “Congratulations Cristian on passing the first phase, below are your credentials for phase 2 and your 2-step evaluation”. In this way Cristian obtained the number 2 account from him, it is something incredible!

What robot does Cristian use?

We’ll see the robot that Cristian used to pass to the next phase. We will leave you the link at the end of the article so you can take a look. It passes the evaluations of the funded accounts, it is basically an AHT AF HFT the system that says to open many trades in one go, drag until you reach profit and close as little as you lose. Cristian tells us that he had a trade where he only lost 1 dollar, but gained 400. So, go ahead and visit the website.

Will the robot work in phase 2?

Now one of the most common questions is, does it work in phase two? The problem is not the robot, the problem is the companies depending on what they actually allow you to do. The biggest problem is that some of them, well in this specific company they say that you can buy an evaluation per HFT transaction, arbitration is allowed in phase 1, in phase 2 it is not allowed. So, this is the biggest problem. This robot does not work for FTMO, it only works with ROB with companies, so you must consider this.

Does it work with real accounts?

Another question that they ask about this robot is, does it work on real accounts or does it not work? It does not work on real accounts. Why? Brokers do not allow you to trade on a real account. So it won’t be available on those robots. The only function is to help pass the phases once you get a funded account that has real money!

Now what is Cristian going to do with phase 2?

Cristian doesn’t know if he’s going to use the BLW signal group or if he’s going to trade with another expert advisor, although he’s not sure if they allow it. But he thinks he’ll most likely trade for his own account. At the moment he has 60 days to achieve the objective, this phase is now 5% slower, before it was 10% with a maximum draw that is 12 trading days. Phase 1 was completed in 30 days and Phase 2 in 60 days. Cristian feels very confident and has a good chance to actually make it through the second phase. So, he believes that he is going to trade manually. First of all, an account of 100,000 and if he manages to pass it, he will buy another larger account of 200,000, that would be 300,000 dollars and make 5% each month, which gives a profit of 15,000 dollars, so this is Cristian’s plan.


We hope that the information about this robot that Cristian is using is very useful for you and that you can try it. Keep an eye on Cristian’s YouTube channel and the articles, we will be updating this information so you can see that this is 100% real!