Pegasus Crypto System, scam or legit?

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It is time to make another review! As you know, we like to try software and trading platforms to let you know if they can work for you or if it is better to stay away from them. Today, we’ll see what Pegasus is about and how it works.

What is Pegasus Crypto System?

They are a group of experts specialized in cryptocurrency trading and risk management. They say that they have gained experience and studied new techniques to lower the risk, maximize their profit, and maintain a stable income for a long time. So, they offer you a 1.5% return per day return. So, it is a PAM account, where a bunch of people puts money and then expert traders will trade and we are just going to participate in the profits.

But how can you join?

You need to click on the sign-up button, and then it will ask you for a valid email address, and as soon as you finish the registration you will get a confirmation email!

Make a deposit

Once you have got the email and have confirmed your account, you will be ready! You must choose one of the supported payment methods and the amount of the deposit, then you must follow the instructions provided by them and you’ll have to wait for a few minutes, after that you will see your deposit in the dashboard, then your accruals will occur 24 hours after your deposit hits the website wallet and will be sent immediately to your balance. Apparently, it will be very easy to start making money!

They say that there is a 5% percent commission daily for 200 days, so apparently, you will be making profits constantly.

What is the maximum and minimum deposit?

So, the maximum and minimum deposits in Pegasus Crypto System are from 300 to 300 thousand dollars, and they say that your next deposit should be equal to or more than your last deposit amount, for example, if you deposit $300 and then you want to deposit $200, it will not deposit! Why? Because you must deposit the same amount, which is a red flag.

Another red flag…

So, then it says a 5% fee charged on every deposit and withdrawal, so it is a way for them to make money, but why do they have levels of referral? Why do not they just allow you to use a referral program without asking you for different levels of referral? That means it is a pyramid, each time your referral makes a deposit you will receive an instant commission, then you can withdraw, to get referral commissions there is a minimum deposit required, probably our deposit has to be bigger, which again, is not good.

Dividends in Pegasus Crypto System

“The newly upgraded exclusive feature of DIVIDENDS has now a brand new structure in place. 3% each from deposit and withdrawal fees will still be distributed to all active investors. However the higher the deposits the higher the rewards will be from the allocated vault of funds.” That is what they say, but as you can see, it says “the higher the deposits, the higher the rewards” so, you will have to deposit more and more, and what if then it stops working as the other platforms we have tried?

In conclusion, we can tell you that we have seen some red flags in this system and also some good features. We have not tried the system yet and we are still trying to decide to see if we will try it or not, so this was an unbiased review, we are not telling you that it is a bad system, we just showed you its good and bad features.

So, what do we recommend to you?

We recommend that if you have some extra time and extra money, you can try it to see if it is worth it or not. But as always, remember to invest what you can afford to lose, and let us know how your experience was. Plus, we recommend you always look for more information about a platform before you decide to try it, get as much information as you can so you can avoid being scammed!