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If you want to start the year making money, News Catcher Pro Strategy is for you! We will talk about one of the new advisors on the page Valery Trading. NEWS CATCHER PRO is a mean reversion strategy that can use intraday seasonal volatility patterns, caused by high-impact news.

This has the exceptional ability to enter the market at a certain time, shortly before a high-impact news event occurs. This is amazing and will make you generate even more money!

What makes News Catcher Pro the best EA?

Now we want to show you what makes this EA the best to make money!

– It uses intraday seasonal volatility patterns. These are caused by high-impact news events. As we mentioned at the beginning, it can enter the market at certain times. This is shortly before a high-impact news event occurs, which makes it great!

– News Catcher Pro will give you long-term stable profits. This is because it is an EA designed and optimized for long-term stable results, rather than a quick profit.

– It will make money while you sleep! The magic of algorithmic trading is that once you have set everything up correctly, you can leave this advanced trading robot working for you non-stop. Wonderful!

– It will keep your capital safe, thanks to the low withdrawal that is possible thanks to dozens of different risk management settings. This will allow you to get on with your life without worries.

Diversify your investment with News Catcher Pro!

This amazing tool will allow you to diversify and scale your investment. News Catcher Pro is not sensitive to brokers, having the possibility of working on several platforms simultaneously. And, reducing risk and increasing your profits exponentially!

This is one of the best expert advisors on economic news in the market. It is backed by a proven track record of results for several years. All results are on real accounts, you can find them on MyFxBook and the MQL marketplace.

News Catcher Pro is updated every time is needed!

This is wonderful! Constant updates are released to keep up with the latest technologies in the commercial area, as well as the behaviors of the global financial markets.

The best is that this tool is Offered by the number 1 developer in the MQL market with 8 products simultaneously featured on the first page of the market. With just over 150 customer reviews around the world. The current score is 4.7 out of 5, which is wonderful!

How much could you have earned?

This is a very important question! When you have experience in the markets, you know for sure that any algorithm trading system that does not have at least 2 years of tracking results cannot be trustworthy.

You will be able to find thousands of “holy grail” expert advisors and “money machines” promising incredible monthly returns and early retirement for anyone who can pay the price. But, is this true?

The truth is that 99% of these systems are just scams. Yeah, frauds, trying to take advantage of a massive desire that most of us share: to make money and be free. To maintain constant profits in the medium and long term, this tool is constantly optimized. They have applied the latest innovations for News Catcher Pro.

As you may know, past performance is not indicative of future results. News Catcher Pro was back tested over the last 20 years with real tick market data. And, the results have always been outstanding!

What’s the price of this great tool?

The expert advisor, which will allow you to make constant profits in the long term can be yours for a great price! Nice, there are no other expert advisors on the market with a proven track record. And, with comprehensive and hundreds of testimonials like this one.

The price of News Catcher Pro is just $1,665 lifetime! So, you will have all those incredible features for an amazing price. It’s not a waste of money, it’s an investment, remember that!


Finally, we can mention that it is a super profitable and 100% reliable robot. News Catcher Pro offers you personal developer support. Plus, it is available 7 days a week for anything you may need, even remote configuration through AnyDesk.

The best is that it offers you an exclusive Telegram community, filled with hundreds of active expert traders. So, what are you waiting? JOIN NOW!