Have you heard about the BLW FX TOOL? If not, you must know that it is an awesome indicator that sends you Forex signals so you can place them and make money!

It is basically an algorithm, which main function is to provide predictions regarding the Forex market. It works for pairs, cryptographic actions, etc. The algorithm itself will do some research or technical analysis and then send you the signal. Giving you buying and selling opportunities, it’s really accurate, that’s basically how the system works. Today we have BIG NEWS for you about the BLW FX TOOL, keep reading to know more!

Improved version of BLW FX TOOL

We also have an improved version of the BLW FX TOOL which will give us fewer signals. But these will be more accurate! This does not mean that from time to time you lose a position because it is understandable. But it does improve in giving you much more profitable positions!

For example, if you lose one position and win the next one you will be able to recover all your losses! It is amazing! So, this big change was made to the tool. And it has been tested for us, we have made money, so, it has worked very well.

Free auto trader?

Here is the big news we have for you! Now the BLW FX Tool can also be used as an AUTOTRADER! You just need to set it up the application and it will make money for you!

So, you can download the new auto trader 100% free if you are a member of the BLW FX TOOL!  You are going to download it and then install it. You can find tutorials about it in the BLW FX TOOL’s website.

So, you don’t have to worry. One thing that you must keep in mind that is very important, is to understand that you are not going to depend on your balance! The auto trader will operate with 0.10 lots independent of your balance and this regardless of what the balance is.

So, you must keep this in mind, and the last thing, it is not going to put stop loss. Then, the auto trader will place positions on your behalf. Een while you are sleeping, it’s all up to you if you want to turn it on or off orif you want to place the trades manually. Once the trade is placed, it will be your extra help!

How to get the FX Tool auto trader?

Now, if you are wondering how can you get it? You must join the BLW FX TOOL, and you’ll have access to this great tool! We’ll leave you the link to the BLW FX Tool at the end of this article.

Once you sign up and get access to the BLW FX TOOL then you will be able to download the auto trader. If you are interested, we suggest you follow Cristian AP on Twitter where he will share the settings for it!


The mistake we want you to avoid as we mentioned above is not setting the stop loss. You need to set a take profit if you just want to close it manually, always make sure you turn on notifications on your phone or computer. We hope that the information we provide in this article can be very helpful for your training.