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Are you ready to use the best Forex Autotrader? In the following article, we will see the last results that Cristian had last week. This is with the BLW Autotrader.  He placed 4 positions in which he got 2 wins and 2 losses. The wins are much bigger than the losses. With the winning positions, he got $6K and $3K for approximately a total of $9,724. The risk/reward ratio is working out very well. It is awesome, right?

What is the BLW Autotrader?

You are probably wondering what the BLW Autotrader is. It is a robot or an expert advisor for meta trader 4. You will only have to download it, install it on your mt4 and practically leave it running. As simple as that, it is wonderful!

You can use VPS services with it. So, what it does is to place trades on your behalf. This robot was designed about 1 year ago by Cristian AP and in these times, he has been making some changes to make it better!

New changes in the BLW Autotrader

The new algorithm that is available has high potential! This, with many entry points where most institutions look to buy positions or sell positions as there is a huge change in trend.

The new algorithm is so good! If you go into the properties of the expert advisor, you will have the option to choose the percentage you want to put for each trade. Most of the time the percentage is a stop loss. So, you can choose how many long or short positions you want to place at the same time!

It is important that you understand this as some people will just set up the auto trader and turn it on and leave it alone. So, you will need to make sure the settings are set. By default, this will be with 3% but you can change it manually. You just must right click on the expert advisor and go to properties click and select 1.0. The risk-reward ratio is 3 to 1, the way you are going to choose it is depending on the number of pips. As simple as that!

Tips for using the BLW AutoTrader!

We will share some tips so you can take advantage of this good software! The first thing would be to keep it active from 7 am to 3 pm. Plus, remember not to negotiate at the London session with this AutoTrader. So, follow these instructions and you will see how the profits will begin to arrive!

How to get the BLW Autotrader?

You will be able to get this new algorithm for an amazing price! We’ll leave you the link to the site at the end of this article. You can get it for a really low price, only for $97 a month or a year for $997. You just need to download it and that’s it, activate it and start making money!


The new BLW Autotrader is super cool! So, remember to follow the instructions that Cristian AP shared with you. We invite you to give this robot a chance and you will see that it will not disappoint you!