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Are you ready to try a new Auto trader? BLW has the best auto trader that will help you make money! We will see what scalping trading is about. It is a Forex bot that plays positions fast. This means that you can place four or five positions during the day.

This is somewhat similar to trading Binary Options. So, if you want to make the jump from Binary Options to Forex this is the type of trading that you are going to find the most suitable for you. This type of trading basically trades 1 to 5-minute candles. And trades usually don’t take an hour and make tons of money!

In this article, we want to share with you Cristian’s new reselling robot that will be available very soon!

How will this Auto Trader work?

This new auto trader basically will find scalping positions in the EURO against the US dollar. Why only for EUR/USD? Actually, it is what people are most familiar with and it is the easiest to earn money from.

So, this is one of the pairs that most appeals to Cristian and that is why he recommends it to you. He has had good results with it! You will be able to find positions in 5 minutes, fine and fast retractions, and make money without so many questions.

Who can use this?

This specific Auto Trader is for people who like faster positions. Most talk about Binary Options against Forex, and it is said that Forex is more complicated. We have never mentioned to you to leave Binary Options. But if you are starting in this world, you should focus on Forex and learn that Scalping is your best solution so that you can work with this automatic trader.

So, this Auto Trader trades every day! On the other hand, if you are not familiar with how copy trading is done and you want to learn it, then we invite you to visit, it is 100% free!

There, Cristian will teach you everything you need to know about Forex. You will be able to learn what is the key to trading and thus you will be able to take full advantage of this specific Auto Trader!

When will this be available?

This Auto Trader will be available in a couple of months, since Cristian wants to test it in his real account and do backup tests. Cristian will test the Auto Trader throughout the month of December and January. It will most likely be in the month of February. So, this is more or less a preview!


We invite you to be aware of all the information that can be shared, either through Cristian’s YouTube channel or through our articles so that you will not miss the launch of this great Auto Trader. We hope that the information we share with you can be helpful!