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We have big news for you! MetaMax token is ready! So, if you are interested in this token keep reading our article!

Do you know what is MetaMax?

For all the people who do not know what MetaMax is, we will leave you a link to It is a new token that will be launched next week.

On another occasion we mentioned that it is an ICO, but how can you earn with it? It is super important that you understand that this is investing in risky opportunities, as if it were Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. A type of currency where you start with no money. If you know Bitcoin at the moment it’s around 20 thousand dollars, but Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW is almost at 68 thousand dollars, so we have to keep in mind that a new token has a lot of value!

You should take the opportunity to obtain the token and you must be on the lookout from now on. You will be able to learn everything related to this project once you join, understand liquidity, and how exchange chains, and blockchains will work.

How will Metamax work?

The first thing you should do is go to Twitter and start following their account, it is called MetaMax. It was created on April 22 and has a lot of new tweets, so this is the first thing you should do!

The second thing you should do is join the Telegram group, we will leave you the link here so you can do it, you can join and ask any question you want to the creators who will be there.

So how does it work? The starting price is thought to be 0.00010 so, basically what we must do is actually wait until the prices go up and are well above it, and then we can trade, sell and buy and so on.

An example could be, in Ethereum, we buy at 900 dollars, and we sell at 2,000 dollars, in that way you double your investment.

But what is the Pink Sale?

This will help you a lot! We are talking about the pre-sale.  Pink sale is coming, it is a website where you can see the pre-sale of MetaMax, this is the link:

This is for pre-sale, the private sale had already passed when we already made our purchase of tokens, then this pink sale will give you one last possibility to enter and buy before the exchange price!

Right there you can buy, now it is closed but once it is open you can buy a thousand or 2 thousand, equal to the amount of exchange that can be made. What we want to be clear about is that you will get the first 1,000 bnb at a lower price, since later they will increase their price slightly, this pink sell will be available on Tuesday 28 around 16 GMT. So, you cannot miss it!

Our conclusion about MetaMax!

If you want to earn money, it is important that you operate only with the money that you can afford to lose! We always say the same, but it is very important and it is because we care about your finances!

And how much money can you invest in this new project? It can be 500, 1000 or even 10,000, whatever amount you can place, so remember if you want to earn money in the long term you will have to make a good investment. We hope that the information about Metamax has been helpful for you and we hope you can try it!.