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Today, we will give you an update about Metafi Yielders, a platform that like COTPS, promised to help us make passive income. If you have read our previous articles, you probably have seen that it is probable that COTPS is not coming back, so, here we will see if Metafi Yielders works in the same way, or if it will really help us to make profits!

What is Metafi Yielders?

It is a system that was created to help you generate passive income. It is a Yield Farming based platform, so once you access there, you could choose a package, invest in it, and then it was going to start making passive income for you! It was going to be very easy to make profits, you were going to get daily returns and you were going to withdraw them every 24 hours without any issue, but that is what they said, let’s see what happened.

Cristian started using Metafi Yielders

So, Cristian started using this platform to know how it worked, he says he started a month ago, and how much he deposited? He started with 2,500. In a previous video on his YouTube channel, he showed us that he has made 15,000 dollars, but what was the issue? It did not let him withdraw the money.

So, the issues started there, it was suspicious that the platform did not let him withdraw the money. The platform said that it was going to take almost 7 days to make the withdrawal, but before it used to say 24 hours, but why? Then, Cristian tried to make a new withdrawal and it did not let him. Once he started watching the comments that other people had about the withdrawal issue on the platform, it was the same, it did not let them withdraw the money. And at the page’s site, he saw that apparently, the platform was showing issues with withdrawals, and they were going to do the best they could to give you your money back.

Then, the CEO of Metafi Yielders spoke

Then, another issue happened, the market crashed and of course, as we all should know, that affected the investments, so people started complaining. So, the CEO of Metafi Yielders made a video speaking about the issues that the platform has had, and he mentioned that he also has received death threats from people blaming him for the market crash, which we all know is not good.

The CEO of that platform told in his video that a lot of people were calling him, they got his number and started to call him telling him that they were going to kill him and his family. They also spread his number to different groups so more people could call and threaten him. He also mentioned that the company has different ways of contacting them in case anyone wanted to make a complaint, but people were not doing that, they were only making death threats, which is not the right way to solve things.

So, Metafi Yielders started to make refunds

The CEO of Metafi Yielders mentioned in his video that they started to make refunds for the people who asked it. And he also asked people to not come back to them trying to scam them because people were going to need a KYC verification. He also asked people to not spread his number on social networks, to avoid these death threats and said that he has not stolen any money. He also asked people to read the terms and conditions carefully, to be protected in case of any issue, so, apparently, most people did not read those terms and now they are just complaining and blaming him for that issue.

And what do we think about it?

We understand Michael’s frustration at how he must be feeling. It is unfair to ask people to make death threats. We do not agree with this, Cristian has also received death threats and it is not good to receive that. We’re pretty sure that after this the website is going to close and it’s because of the consequences of people who don’t really have knowledge or just don’t think with their heads if you are one of those persons who likes to threaten people you will go to jail. What will Cristian do? As you know, he has invested in this platform, so he said that he is going to wait and see what happens, we recommend you to do the same if you have invested with that platform, you do not have to make death threats, it does not work in that way.

So, do not write that you are going to kill them or whatever is offensive, you should get out of those groups of negativity and if it is a scam, go ahead and go. We can assure you that there are many ways to earn money like affiliate marketing trading, YouTube sponsorship, and Google Ads. If you don’t trust someone, that’s fine, just wish them the best in life, but just don’t get attached to money. We hope this information has helped you and that now you can be clear on this topic.