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It is time to make money with Forex, that is why today we will show you what FX Scalping Autobot is so you can take advantage of it. It is a software that finds only the best opportunities so you can make money doing scalping, something that we really like to do in forex.

It was created and it is based on a smart algorithm that is capable of identifying parameters, similar movements, effective, conditions and weak points of the assets so you can enter at the right moment.  FX Scalping Autobot will analyze the market for hours and it will predict the future movements with the purpose of wining operations with these predictions, the users will not have to do nothing more than the installation, the robot will do the rest!

Latest results of the FX Scalping Autobot

Let’s see the latest results of the FX Scalping Autobot. With an account of $100 we have now a total of $16, we started using it since the beginning of this month, so it is not that bad! We have 14 operations and 13 of them are ITM, we just have an OTM, so we have a total percentage of 92.85%, which is awesome!

How must you set up the FX Scalping Autobot?

The way to set up this app is very simple, first, you will get the algorithm, once you purchase it you must use version 1,1 which is the newest! So, all you must do is install the indicator on your MT4 platform.

But, how to install it?

Once you download the app on the website, you will see 2 files, MQL4 and DLL. So, you must paste the MQL4 in the EXPERTS folder and the DLL in the LIBRARIES folder inside your MT4 platform.

Then you must refresh your MT4, and you will see the FX Scalping Bot in the Expert Advisors section.

So, you must drag it into your chart and then it will show you a window so you can enter the license code that you got via email when you purchased the app. 

Once you enter the license code it will show you a new window to configure it, you should leave it as default, the system could change the percentage that is risking with the position, and we advise you to not risk more than 2%. So, as you can see, the way to set it up this app is easy!

How can you get the FX Scalping Bot?

For you to get it you must use this link:

Then you will see the different prices that this amazing tool offers you:

-6 months plan is $149.99 it is the basic plan.

-Annual plan for just $249!

The prices are wonderful right? We recommend you to purchase the annual plan so you can save more money! If you start with the 6 months plan, at the end of the year you will be paying almost $300, but if you purchase the annual plan you will save $50 in a year, and that is money that you can use to start trading and generating more profits!

Great support offered by FX Scalping Autobot

And, if you have any doubt or if you need any help on how to install and use the app, do not worry, they have an expert team that will help you through email, so you can leave a message at this address:


We have been using this app and it is working amazingly, so, why do not you try it? It is a useful tool for Forex, it is easy to install, and it is easy to set up. Plus, it has accessible prices, we are sure that once you start using it you will not regret it!