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In this article, you will find information on how to trade on your smartphone or iPad, this may clarify many of your doubts about if it is a good option to trade in this type of electronic device.

What is mobile trading?

It is the trade that is carried out directly from any smartphone, this can be obtained through the platform of the broker that you want to operate or from the mobile application that the website has. The purpose of this is that you can operate 24 hours a day, in any location, without the need to use a computer and especially trading in the binary options market. If you are used to trading on a computer, it may be a bit difficult for you to start trading from your phone, for this reason I recommend that you use your demo account so as not to cause any losses.



How to trade using my iPad or Phone?

You will have to go to the application store that  you iPad has, and you will have to download a graphic to obtain the available charge. I recommend that you install Trading View, and, this will help you see the news that the market releases to obtain a more accurate signal so that you do not get a loss in your account and the other to make your investments. Then, you must download IQ Option or the broker that is available in your country and meets your basic needs as a trader on the official website of the broker. But just in case you can’t get that app, you can also trade from your iPad’s browser without any hassle.

After you can get your broker, you must go directly to the application that you should have previously downloaded, You must enter in your email or your personal Facebook, when you enter, you will have to go directly to the News section to avoid trading in a pair that has 3 news and can cause a loss in your account. Later, you should change the default time to your local time so that you can easily understand how the news work if you are a beginner trader.

Then, you must go to the Trading View application, and you can log in with your Apple ID account without any problem. You will find an option where you can add all the pairs you want to trade. This application allows you to synchronize the account that you have on your computer so that you can obtain the indicators of the strategy that you are using without having to put them back one by one.



This application will allow you configure the timeframe that you want to use to analyze your signals in a more detailed way and avoid as much as possible a loss in the account that you are trading. No matter what type of strategy you are interested in using, you can carry it out on this platform, since it can be adapted to your needs as a trader when performing your daily analysis.

When you already have the pair with the direction that you think the trend will go, you must go directly to your broker to carry out the transaction, you must consider that the application will be slower on your iPad or Phone than on your computer.


Remember that this article focuses especially on the Binary Options market, so my recommendation is that if you have access to a computer, it is better to trade on it because it will be easier to view the news and the pairs. I don’t mean to say trading from your phone or iPad  is bad, o it does not work this will help you to continue trading from anywhere in the world without needing to use a computer in case you want to go on a trip. If you want to deepen this topic, I recommend that you watch this video to get the point of view of an expert in the world of trading and it will help you know how all these steps are carried out in an easier way because you will be seeing the screen of your iPad: https://youtu.bze/j1bOJXgMZvU