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In this article, you will find information on how this amazing platform works and the benefits you will get from opening an account with IQ Option.

What is IQ Option?

It was founded and created in 2013, it has around 40 million users, having an incredible rise in recent years in all parts of the world. It is a binary options broker, currently Europe does not allow the commercialization of binary options to retail investors, therefore, for its European clients it offers them the possibility of investing in:

  • Forex.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Ether.
  • CFDs.
  • Raw materials.

Type of accounts on IQ Option

On IQ Option you can find 3 different types of accounts, this is intended to cover each of the needs of all its clients. Below, you can learn more about each of them:

-Real account: With this account you will be able to fully enjoy the experience with more than 500 assets so you can trade. Also, it gives you the option to withdraw funds in a few minutes and they will go directly to the credit card or the E-Wallet.

-VIP Account: To open a VIP account, you will need to make a deposit of $3000. With this type of account, you will be able  to put some benefits that will help you with your experience to be more effective, which are:

  • Increase in profitability rates: This type of account will provide an average of 3%, this will help you since with higher levels of profitability you can achieve your goals.
  • Personal representations: These representatives have the task of advising you if you have a VIP account. The representatives that you will have at your fingertips are 100% professional agents that will be available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Free participation in their tournaments: Users who have a VIP account have the advantage of being able to participate completely free of charge in any tournament.

-Demo accounts: The advantage of this account is that you can have $10,000 virtual funds at your disposal so that you can learn how each tool of this platform works, practice new strategies and even create a new strategy on your own.



Trading Tournaments on IQ Option

If you find yourself living outside of the United States, you will have the wonderful opportunity to test your skills against other traders through a series of binary options tournaments. These types of tournaments last approximately 30 minutes and you can only enter if you pay a small registration fee. After registering, you will receive $10,000 virtual funds and upon completion of the competition; the trader with the highest results will win an incredible prize.

If users exhaust their virtual funds, they can buy again and continue participating in the other tournaments that will take place. This is for traders to interact to test their trading abilities as well as learn new trading techniques.

Investment offers

IQ Option will offer you more than 300 assets available anywhere in the world. In addition, you will be able to carry out currency transactions because they are associated with Forex and it is one of the most liquid markets in the market, and this manages to attract too many traders regardless of their level of knowledge. In turn, you will be able to operate through the CDFs doing all kinds of negotiations and because of this you will have the wonderful opportunity to profit from the price of the asset that required your services.

IQ Option incorporated a new tool that consists of having the opportunity to improve the transactions in your cryptocurrencies with operations with a low short expiration time. It will also give all its users the incredible opportunity to share ideas about different types of trades and be able to follow up with other traders, all thanks to the function of agreements between investments and direct agreements.

The product that has had the most relevance within the IQ Option platform is digital and binary options since these will allow you to choose the direction and be able to bet your money on it. These two options are very effective when used and work in a similar way, but there is a difference in that digital options have a slight resemblance to classic options and binary options specialize in trading with a short expiration time being its maximum of 1 hour and its minimum of 60 seconds.

Customer Support

The IQ Option platform has amazing customer service, they are specialized agents in all areas of trading, the response they provide is fast, professional, and efficient. You can contact them through this email: You can also fill out a contact form or write through the chat that the platform has.

All questions will be answered in a minimum time of 46 seconds and requests will be made in 24 minutes. Currently IQ Option has 83 professionals who provide support to users.




My experience using IQ Option has been excellent because I have learned to create my own strategies thanks to the tools that this wonderful platform has, to be able to understand how the market works and increase my profits. So, I recommend that you use this fabulous platform 100%.