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We want to explain how you can start earning money selling BLW products! Help others make money and you’ll make money too!

Make money selling BLW products is possible

If you didn’t know, you can earn money with this! In one of the previous articles, we mentioned affiliate marketing, as something similar. You will have to offer or recommend products to obtain a profit in return.

Remember, you must be very careful when you choose the product you want to recommend and even more so when it is known worldwide. Cristian tells us, as the owner of products, he has to show his face. Not like thousands of other products where the owners never show their face. We know that is not good for business.

BLW platform!

Cristian has a platform where he has his products listed so that people can join and get an affiliate link. Then they can start selling them. This site is called HOTMART.

The site will give commissions with no delays, have great reports for conversations, and so on. So, it’s one of the best ways to actually do that and you’ll just have to share the links to the specific products.  All you have to do is go to HOTMART.COM and open an account. That is for selling products, then select the products on the market that it says and you can start promoting them online.

One thing that you have to keep in mind when it comes to these products on the HOTMART platform is that not only will you be able to promote Cristian’s products. But you will be able to promote anything, health, wealth, etc. You will be able to talk to the live chat and talk to them and ask them any type of question regarding the affiliate. In this way you will be able to clarify all your questions. It is a wonderful way to make extra profits!

What are BLW products?

If in case, you are new to this world of trading and you have no idea about the products. There are three types of products. Signal services, auto traders which is BLW auto trader, and apps that you can download to help you in your day trading. These 3 are listed on the HOTMART website. The coolest thing about this is that you don’t have to pay anything. Being able to do the marketing is free! Go sell and choose BLW products!

How much money do you want to earn by selling BLW products?

It will depend on how much money you want to earn. You will choose the product. For example, most of the BLW products are subscription products, so you will not only earn money with the first conversion you have. You will have a recurring commission in each month each time this person renews!

For example, if a family member or friend is interested and you are inside the BLW Master app and you want to recommend it, you can do so. This, by sharing your link with them and if they subscribe for a whole year you will have the commission for a year also for that specific person. For each person per month you can receive $12 of commission in a year it would be around $140 that you would have of commission. Imagine if you could refer 10 or even 100 people?


So, go to HOTMART and go to any other website and put the links. You will be able to do it in some social network, by email and you will start earning money, all this depends on you. So we hope that the information in this article will help you so that you can earn some extra money selling the great BLW products.