Keltner Channel, is the best strategy?

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In this article, let’s find out how the strategy that is changing people’s lifestyle with its excellent results works.

What are the binary options?

Binary options can be defined as derivative financial products, which are used by most traders around the world. This type of trade aims to win your transaction in a short time, since if the signal exceeds the expiration time of 1 hour or more, it will be a Forex market signal. With binary options you can trade stocks, bonds, currencies, indices, and even raw materials and increase the chance of winning each of your transactions.

Who is Christian AP?

He is an expert trader who has more than 5 years of experience in the world of trading, he also has a YouTube channel that has more than 100,000 subscribers, his videos are based on educating beginner traders and even expert traders, that they can learn new strategies created by Cristian Ap, you will also find videos on how to learn to differentiate a platform that is dedicated to fraud and a secure platform, including videos of his private life. It is a very complete channel and now, I will show you the link in case you want to go visit it.



What is Keltner’s strategy?

It is a strategy that is only used to trade binary options due to its short expiration time, since you will use 3-minute candles to make your trades. This strategy is made up of two indicators which can be used to verify the market trend and the stochastic oscillator that will tell you when you should enter to generate extra profits within your daily trading.

How to configure your broker?

You will have to remove all kinds of indicators that you have before trying this incredible strategy. Now, I will show you in more depth how you should configure your broker for this amazing strategy to work effectively and safely.

  • Time frame: You must configure the time of your candles in 1 minute so that you can see more clearly when you must enter to make a transaction. In addition, it will help you to analyze more carefully, since you will be using instant candles for this specific strategy.
  • Keltner: After configuring the time frame in your broker you must choose the Keltner indicator from the tab where you can find all the types of indicators that exist. You should not change any setting of this indicator, because otherwise it will not have the same effect as before changing it.
  • Stochastic oscillator: After this you must add the stochastic oscillator indicator and make a slight change that will help you operate in a better way. You will have to change two numbers, which will be:

-The level of the overbought will have to be established with a period of 80.

-The level of overselling will have to be configured with a period of 20.



How to enter with the Keltner strategy?

The correct moment that you should enter to trade is when the candles leave the Keltner indicator at the top, it is when the market will be oversold, and they will tend to go down. You will also be able to visualize this in the stochastic oscillator indicator, as if the price rises above the 80 level, this will mean that it is an overbought market, and the candlesticks will go down. If the price falls below the 20 level, you will be dealing with an oversold market and the candles will go higher.

Expiration time in Keltner

The expiration time that is normally used for this specific strategy is 3 minutes, but Cristian Ap discovered a way that this wonderful strategy could be much more effective. You will need to set your expiry time in 2-minute candlesticks as you will be trading faster. Generally, if the market trend is bullish and trading for many minutes can generate a loss, this is because the candles will be jumping and will be unstable.

Hours to trade with Keltner

The best time to operate with this strategy, according to the advice of Cristian Ap will be from 12:00 GMT to 14.00 GMT, but you must remember that you will also have to verify that the market it does not have any type of news because it may affect your transactions. You will also have to see if the pair you will be trading with has a very low, sell rate, if so, Cristian Ap advises not to trade because the market will be unstable, and you may lose your trades.


The strategy has worked for me in an amazing way, since it can increase my capital, according to Cristian Ap, he was able to receive more profits than he received before. Also, with the videos on the YouTube channel I was able to increase my knowledge about trading. Now, I will leave you with a video of Cristian Ap so that you can understand more thoroughly how this wonderful strategy works.