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Have you heard about the Golden Pickaxe Autotrader? We will start the article talking about what it is. Golden Pickaxe is an indicator that was presented to Cristian specifically for a gold position.

So, he installed it on an XM account and have it activated 24/7 with a VPS. It is an extra advisor for MT4 or MT5. What it will basically do is place trades on your behalf. But does it really work?  We will leave you the link at the end of the article so you can visit the page. Once you are there, go to the expert advisors and go to GOLDEN PICKAXE.

You will be able to find some other indicators, but for now we will focus on this specific best indicator. You can go in and see the history of this with increases of 17.96% for December 3, August has a 152% return so if you dig deeper, you can see that it actually has like 671% profitability during all these months, it’s crazy! So, apparently, it can help us make money!

Some problems with the installation of this gold autotrader.

Cristian tells us that he encountered a couple of installation problems in the past. First, once you have the system activated with your account number, you have to wait for them to activate the account.

He also made a mistake, and he was not following all the instructions that he had to follow on this page. Specifically, he had to add some links.  Then you will have to go to options, then go to expert advisors and then it will allow you to auto trade, it may be some problem that you may encounter.

You must change your time frame. The indicator is going to tell you that M1 is needed, so build in the indicator for one minute.

Check the permissions well!

For this golden autotrader, make sure you have the permissions properly enabled. This is super important, such as allow trade and allow inputs. Cristian had an account of 50,000, but he tells us that he is not 100% sure that you can have the risk.

The risk depends on what you want to trade. For example, if you want to trade with 1% profit, you can walk away with 0.5 0.3 is a couple of things to understand. So, if you also have Telegram, you can find all the news, all the updates regarding this golden indicator.

Cristian uses a VPS for this golden indicator!

We want to tell you that Cristian personally uses a VPS. This is more than anything to have it activated 24/7. If you don’t want to use it, you’re obviously going to need to have the computer on all the time for the trader to be placing trades.

In Cristian’s case, he got MQL5 on the host website, it’s all up to you. What is best, is the payment. It is around $42 for three months. It is super accessible, and it will help you make a lot of money.


If you want to use this Golden Pickaxe indicator you must have some extra tools so that you have good results. We hope that the information that we gave you can be very helpful.