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Do you remember the 2-minute strategy? It was one of the most popular strategies in binary options trading. But is it still powerful? We’ll know about it in this article!

This strategy was created by the CEO of BLW. On Cristian AP’s YouTube channel, you will find many videos related to the subject, the strategy became quite popular because it was very easy to use, and it gives powerful results.

How does the strategy work?

As we mentioned, it is simple to use this strategy. You must set up your charts in 2 Minute Candlesticks. Then you must set the moving averages as follows:

Simple Moving Average (SMA) in blue color with Period of 6

Simple Moving Average (SMA) in yellow color with Period of 14

Simple Moving Average (SMA) in green color with Period of 35

Make sure you make these SMAs thick enough so that you can see them!

Free webinar to learn the 2-minute strategy!

So, Cristian decided to do a free training for the 2-minute strategy, it is a pre-recorded webinar, we will leave you the link right here so you can learn more about this strategy.

Cristian assures you that in approximately 1 hour you will be able to learn from this great strategy. Remember to watch the webinar as many times as you can so you can learn everything properly and remember to start practicing on your demo account always.

Practice before trading with the 2-minute strategy!

What you should do first is practice on a demo account, Cristian AP advises you to operate with QUOTEX or with POCKET OPTION, both offer an expiration time of 2 minutes with the necessary indicators for this strategy.

The good thing is that you will not have to look for some application or tool with charts, since this broker includes it, you will be able to analyze the market in the best way. It is really incredible!

Both of those brokers have a demo account, which is highly recommended to avoid losses, even if you do not master the strategy, it is very important that you know that you must practice as much as necessary, take your training and open your demo account! Once you are ready you can start investing with real money.

Cristian and his experience with IQ OPTION

Cristian tells us that some users have told him that IQ OPTION is no longer trustworthy since its purpose is only to generate commission affiliates or earnings for referring new clients. This means that people lose money and then mention that the broker does not make profits from the traders.

People have only been able to withdraw $1,150 of earnings from this account. Cristian was blocked by this broker as he was able to make $700 profit every 4 hours with this strategy. As you can see, it seems it is not trustworthy anymore, so we do not recommend you use it!

Accuracy percentage!

When it comes to the accuracy of this strategy it is very good, which goes above 80% most of the time, if you are a beginner, you will be around 75% accuracy, this is not bad at all. If you practice more you can achieve up to 90% accuracy, remember that this will always depend on how the market behaves at that time.


As you could see from the information we provided, the strategy is still 100% profitable and works perfectly!  It is a very good strategy with a very high-profit percentage, we recommend that you follow this great strategy and visit Cristian’s YouTube channel where he explains in detail how it works!